RDP Friday: Suspense

All I hear on the radio stations is preparing for Christmas. It will perhaps be a different Christmas this year because there will not be so much mixing with others: no Christmas gatherings, Mr. Covid has decided we should stay apart. And then the talk about Christmas shopping, organising he Christmas presents, where to buy them and what we should buy. I make one exception, actually two, my grandkids. Otherwise I have become Mrs. Scrooge and stopped buying Christmas presents a few years ago.

I no longer have to work out what to get as I want nothing in return. If I really want something myself I buy it myself and being a golden oldie I have no great longings. I was thinking about buying a couple of new night dresses – you never know if you might need them if you have to sleep elsewhere in a golden oldie environment, accidents can happen.

Otherwise I am not counting the days until Christmas, just working out what I can freeze for over the days when the stores are closed. Christmas has become a logistic exercise. Surround yourself with various food items to perhaps bake a cake or cook something. No more stressful last minute journeys to the food stores, or department stores. The only suspense I want are the various TV films that will be shown and that will do thank you. There will be no visits and I will not be visiting. Isn’t it lovely to be a Christmas grinch: my Chrismas present to me.

RDP Friday: Suspense

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Suspense

  1. For some reason I have felt an urge to put up Christmas decorations. Maybe its because we are usually in Florida at this time and when I come home at Thanksgiving I start putting the tree up. Or maybe I just need to do something different. Anyway, I like your attitude.

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  2. Having a cat, the lure of Christmas decorations is an on going challenge to suppress. I stopped putting up a tree rather than worry about the cats over time harming themselves or the tree. I have a Nepalese crèche made of felt that I’d love to put out but the “Little Baby Jesus” is the same size and color as a mouse pup. LOL! You know where this tale goes.

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    • I had three cats, but now they are all gone to live their 10th lives and I am too old to begin again with cats, although I have two that visit regularly from the neighbourhood as they know I always have a few treats to distribute. I never had a great problem with Christmas decorations as I do not really decorate much.


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