Good Morning

Still dismal, but there has been no rain, so let us look on the bright side. I have only had problems since yesterday. Not really big ones, but annoying ones. When I take photos with my iPhone I have an app for my photos online and they go direct into it, meaning I can use the photos a couple of seconds after I take them. Yesterday I took a few photos and they were still uploaing this morning. Somewhere there was a glitch on the provider. Luckily I upload my photos in two places and also had them in google, but it was annoying. This morning I took some new photos an lo and behold everything was working fine again and they were uploaded within a minute in my programme. I will never understand the computer world.

The second problem is the daily local newspaper which I also have online on my phone. Although when I rise in the morning the hard copy is already in the mail box, but I prefer to skip through the smaller sized app newspaper. This morning the app was telling me to enter the password which never happens. I have the password, linked to Mr. Swiss e-mail address and it was refused. This would mean that someone somewhere (not me) had a computer problem with the app yesterday and had to ordered a new password. I will have to investigate the matter, but Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed. In the meanwhile I got the newspaper from the letter box and read the hard copy, skipping the headlines and taking a more intense look at the obituaries: a golden oldie hobby. I noticed that America is still without an official president and one of the contestants is still throwing fits and tantrums accusing everyone that he is being cheated out of his rightful inheritance. The problem is that two days ago he was telling the world he had already won, and now it does not look so sure. I think he no longer has a repertoire of lies. Today he gave a press conference accusing everyone and this time he was on his own, no family members to be seen as support.

Otherwise all is returning to normal. The bird feeder is now again in operation and there were a few walnuts and peanuts for the bigger birds. Yesterday it was all ignored, as if the birds were paying me back for neglecting them for so long, but today they were examining the situation. There was a crowd of sparrows that flew away as soon as they realised someone was watching them. Crows never disappear, they just keep their distance and fly off, each one with a food trophy in its beak. Looks like the winter routine is settling in.

As soon as the crows have their rewards they fly off to the nearby trees and wait to be sure that they have not missed anything.

Otherwise the ground is gradually being covered with the falling leaves making a carpet of brown. At the moment I will leave them until the trees are empty, although some say you should leave them as a ground cover so that they can disintegrate and enrich the soil.

Yesterday I had a day at home. I was thinking of taking a short trip to the nearby farm to get some fresh eggs from my chicken friends, but it was a little too cold. Mr. Swiss is not happy about the farm eggs, especially the brown ones. He said the shell is much thicker and the hard boiled eggs are difficult to peel. Some people do have problems.

I am now off for the daily chores. Look after yourselves, keep a distance from the others. You can always keep yourself busy baking or blogging or whatever. It seems everyone is now baking a banana cake since lock down is taking over. My cake mixer is kaput after 20 years but a new one will soon be arriving. In the meanwhile we will have to do without. The next cake on my list when I have the chance is a pineapple cake.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … lovely photos of autumn .. nice colors and textures .. a tech friend has told me … in the past … not to underestimate the role of sunspots in disrupting the internet connectivitiy thing … so I try to be patient and it all eventually rectifies itself. We are having unseasonably warm weather .. I spent much of yesterday using the compost from our cages which we cleaned out two weeks ago .. to repot the plants and bring them in for the winter .. one by one .. have a great day. SLP …

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    • I have no problems with my computer connections only with me doing the wrong thing now and again. I told No. 1 son he could clear the red leves from my Japanses maple as they were now all down. He certainly went to work on it and there is not a single leaf left on the ground, just two still clinging on the tree. It was a cold day today, but at least no rain and this afternoon the sun appeared.


  2. The spoiled man-child went on quite a tear last night toward the end of the evening news–and they cut him off! I thought it was quite funny as the new people dissected the lies (as usual) he chose to spew. Still we wait…hopefully good news today. Enjoy the weekend, Pat.

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  3. Good afternoon, the life of a golden odie where little thing help stress you out. All fresh eggs are hard to peel. Brown eggs don’t sale to well so they are are not often seen. The man- child adds to the stress. We are looking for rain/snow this weekend. Stay safe and hate wonderful day.

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    • It is true, you rarely see a brown egg. These eggs are really fresh, you can even meet the chicken that laid them. Today it was cold, but the sun arrived this afternoon. I was shopping in town, but glad t get home afterwards. Am now looking forward to a nice smooth week-end with no stress.

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  4. Crows here disperse trash. I sometimes remind people to not leave trash where they can get it. People leave the lids to the bins open, as if those lids are not there for a reason.

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