RDP Tuesday: Tenterhooks

One of the local bridges is hanging on tenterhooks, but for many years now, although I remember when the bridge was built. It even marks the change from our Kanton of Solothurn to that of Bern – see shield with Berns traditional Bear sign on it on the borderline.

I took the photo in our driving days when Mr. Swiss was at the steering wheel and I was the passenger taking photos on the way. Those days are now gone, but the photos remain.

And now the tenterhooks left are those wondering who will win the election over the pond. I had a wake up call today in a conversation with someone. The first person I had spoken to that was absolutely against Joe Biden and she had her reasons. I must admit I was only stunned by the idiot with the orange hair and did not really examine the character of Joe Biden, but it seems he is no angel. My opinion about the orange faced idiot has not changed, but I now feel a little insecure. I just hope the best for America.

RDP Tuesday: Tenterhooks

5 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Tenterhooks

  1. There’s a lot of propaganda flying around these days — it’s sometimes hard to winnow the chaff from the wheat! I woke up to a statement on TV that Trump actually filed re-election papers on his inauguration day 4 years ago! No wonder we are all so divided!

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    • It’s the most confusing election that I have ever witnessed. If Trump loses, he will do his best to win. I just heard on the British news that is Biden wins Florida then he has won the election, but who knows.

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  2. Our Electoral College makes it even more confusing — the Florida thing has to do with the fact that the winner there takes all the state’s electors to the EC. There are some states that are basically a given — California, for example, is a “blue” state and will go to Biden, while there are some “red” states and some that split their electors proportionally. It’s hard to know until the final results come in — and that’s why it’s important to Trump whether or not groups of votes are counted. Fortunately, the court seems to be following the people’s wishes.

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      • Many people would like to abolish the Electoral College — unfortunately it is in the Constitution, and would take an amendment, which is a very long and complicated process. It was written into the Constitution to even out the population inequities of the time, and it is believed that the Constitution could not have been ratified if it had not been included!

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