Good Morning

This morning is a continuation of yesterday. I think we had some rain during the night, but now it is just damp and misty outside and I do not think it wil change very much today. As usual there was no halloween excitement yesterday for the simple reason that it does not exist in Switzerland. Today is the big day, although falling on a Sunday it could even go unnoticed. It is All Saints Day and the local cemeteries might get a little crowded with visitors. Weather permitting I will probably go for wheelie this afternoon and see if there is any action. The last action we had in the cemetery was when the local chickens escaped from their coop and began to make themselves comfortable between the graves.

I happened to be taking a wheelie through the cemetery when they were having the great escape. Since their hen house has been moved to a safer place.

I was in town yesterday afternoon for a few items. I saw that our Amthausplatz had again been decorated with various artistic objects: this time many wooden crosses, but I am not sure what they are supposed to represent: probably just something artistic. Since our semi lock downs and our various Autumn events have been forbidden, this is probably the compensation to keep the interest. There are all sorts of strange objects appearaing in town at the moment.

There are a few of this strange shields in red and white (our Kantonal colours) showing various objects associated with our town. This one was positioned in front of the entrance gate to the town core.

I had some medicine to pick up for Mr. Swiss at the chemists, but they were closed. I did not realise that they are closed on Saturday afternoons, but no problem. Mr. Swiss can manage until Monday.

It really seems that people cannot wait for Christmas. I saw these Santa Claus Parcels in the store yesterday. They are filled with Christmas chocolate, peanuts and other delights for the kids. It is custom to give them to the children on 6th December, St. Niklaus Day (and also my birthday), but it seems the voice of public relations and more profit cannot wait and they are already being sold. I ask myself who buys them already at the beginning of November.

The hut selling our hot chestnuts is ready for customers. There was no-one waiting in the queue when I passed by, but that was an exception. They are very popular during Winter, especially for the kids, although Mr. Swiss and I often bought a bag of them when we were in town in our younger days. He has his own roasting ovens at the back of the hut and they are always freshly roasted.

It might be Sunday, but I still have a meal to cook for lunch and a few other chores to deal with. I have an electric mixer for making my cakes and yesterday one of the mixing arms broke when it fell to the floor. Just a piece of plastic, but not easy to repair.. I have had it for at least 20 years and discovered that they are really not so expensive, so I will order a new one online today. I seem to be dropping too much at the moment.

Mr. Swiss just told me that our government personnel that organised the precautions to be taken against Mr. Covid are now under threats due to the fact that they ordered masks to be worn. I just cannot understand some people. We do not have to wear them outside, although it is recommended when there are crowds and I now wear mine when I am in town on the street in my scooter. It is a small price to pay for avoiding what could happen to you if you contract the disease.

And now I must go. Have a good Sunday.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning ,… wonderful photos .. the escape of the chickens sounds very exciting … just think .. you could go visit the grave of Great Aunt Beatrice and gather a basket of farm fresh eggs at the same time !!! That is taking “multi-tasking” to a whole new level!!! Yesterday we had both Halloween and turn the clocks back … plus there was a gorgeous large full moon … amazing … Today is rake the leaves day … and I think tomorrow .. and the day after that … everyday now is going to be a blizzard snowfall of orange, reds and yellows. And no rain is predicted for a while so they will remain dry which makes the raking easier. Have a great day. More pictures of the chicken excitement at the graves please !!! … SLP …

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    • The great escape was a couple of months ago, Now they stay where they are, although this afternoon I was in the area and some were taking a walk in the fields where they got through the fence. Looks like you had a busy evening yesterday. Here it was quieter, not so much happening. It was a dull day today, but no rain.


  2. I love the fall colors and composition of your final photo today, Pat. We are very careful with our masks, too. Our very good friends were not. They had guests in their home and went out to dinners. They live in a town where Trump had a rally, although they are not supporters. Now they both have the virus. He is 81 and she is 78 and it’s very serious, although they are not in the hospital. We hear many such stories here.

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    • We are very careful and that is a big risk. We tke it all very seriously. Mr. Swiss is not very mobile and only goes out to the doctor. I am the only one that does the shopping, but now always wear a mask. We do not have a great social life. My son lives on the other side of Switzerland, although works near us and has an appartment there. Now we do not see him and the grandchildren, but have computer contact. It is a trying time, but you have to be careful. I am perhaps lucky to be living in the country where you can go out in the open spaces. Our area is not so badly affected, but you have to be careful. Keep safe


  3. Good afternoon, it is cold and sunny out today. I too have a problem of dropping things. I keep bumping into items making my a mess but on some items I actually break the skin. I now but a cotton cover on the door handles that are so bad. Pumpkin is settling in now. Yesterday she saw a fly and chase it. I think she must caught as I haven’t the fly lately. Have a good rest the day and evening.


  4. How nice that Halloween has not invaded Switzerland yet. It is the worst of the so called Holidays. All Saints’ Day should be more important. I do sort of like Dia de los Muertos, even if I am not familiar with it. It seems to be more justified.

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