Good Morning

I was expecting a little more this morning after our sunny day yesterday, but it seems that the mist has returned. Although everything is looking quite damp outside, it is not raining.

I think yesterday was a Friday where I did not go anywhere. It used to be my big shopping day for the week-end, but since life has become Covid my routine as adapted. My scooter was uploading and so I gave up and stayed at home, realising that I actually had all the food I needed at home and it could really wait another day for the few items I have to get. I compensated with a good after dinner sleep and felt refreshed for the remainder of he day.

My photography subjects are now more limited and so I make the most of what nature is supplying in various shades of Autumn in the surroundings.

My garden has a wonderful selection of greens and browns and a carpet of fallen leaves.

I was left with the TV yesterday after Mr. Swiss retired and they were again showing the second film of “Independence Day”, “The resurgence” where the extra terrestrials decided to make another effort to take over the Earth. The last time I watched an hour and then had to hug my bed. This time I decided to persevere and stayed up until midnight and watched the whole film. It might not be everyone’s taste, but I enjoyed it, especially the last scenes where the Queen of the attackers died a slow death when the Amicans finally destroyed here protective shield.

She looked a bit like this insect that I discovered in my laundry room yesterday evening when I was emptying the washing machine. I think it was two spiders engaged in a battle, or just clinging onto each other in their last moments: a meeting of the third kind, so I just had to get a photo.

Anyhow back to the film. Why is it always the Americans that save the world with their elite troop? All of them were honest men and the president was the best. He could even fly their space craft with no problem, as could his daughter and a few other heroes. They even showed that when earth has a common enemy, all group together and it becomes a place of peace with no more war. What an utopia.

And now back to reality and I will be again fighting my battle in the store today, but no big stress. It seems that our online orders for food are also now on the increase again due to people staying at home in isolation. Delivery slots are now up to a week, sometimes two weeks. I still do my shopping myself, but like to place a bigger order now and again to make sure I have reserves in the worst possible event. It is all very well when our governments give their advice about staying at home in isolation and semi lock down, but the negative side of it all is expanding. I suppose I should be happy. Mr. Swiss was in my food stock room yesterday evening (the laundry room) and was astonished to see that I still had 60 rolls of toilet paper in reserve.

So now off to the Saturday morning chores. I have other things to do than sitting at the computer. Now for the week-end so make the most of it. I am now the masked warrior and wear it all the time when in town and not just in the store – you never know. Our cases are increasing daily. Yesterday there was a closer analysis of our area on the computer and I saw that up to now 5 cases of Corona have been registered in our 950 populated village, but none in the last couple of weeks, so I suppose we can look on the bright side in between.

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great pictures of the morning mist … maybe the two spiders were celebrating Valentine’s Day early? You know what they say “make love … not war” … so maybe you need to be on the lookout for baby spiders soon?? …. yuk yuk…Have a great day … SLP …

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  2. Good afternoon, it is cold out but sunny for Halloween it has been ages since we had children coming for candy.It was a stressful week. We has a different one each and none knew what they needed to do. Your pictures may be nearby but they are still beautiful. Have a good shopping trip today and stay safe.

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    • We do not celebrate halloween here. You see a few carved pumpkins around and decorations, but there is trick or treating anywhere. We just have All Saints Day tomorrow where people visit the departed at the cemetery. Today was a very misty day and cold.

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  3. We got 6 inches of snow here in Worcester county yesterday when we were expecting MAYBE a dusting. Huge dusting, I’d say. today, everything melted — about an hour ago.

    During the night, one of my best and oldest friends died, probably of a stroke. It was very fast and he wasn’t sick with anything at all — and he was a year younger than me.

    There was a time when Americans joined together in hard times and that is one of the things that Trump has changed. I hope we can get it back again.

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    • So sorry about your friend. It is a shock when something like that happens. A musician friend of Mr. Swiss, 10 years younger than him, passed away a couple of weeks ago with cancer. We knew he was ill, but such a shock, especially when they played together in many various bands over the past fifty years.
      Times like this should draw people closer, but it often seems everyone for himself. Raiding the shops and taking what they can not thinking that there are others and it is all not so necessary. Something is changing a little here. We do not have to wear face covering, only in stores and closed spaces, but people have now begun to wear them all the time on the open streets with few exceptions. We are learning. No snow here thank goodness, just a cold and misty day today.


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