RDP Friday: Anticipation

I was anticipating going for are trip to town on my scooter this afternoon in the wonderful sunshine. However, I forgot to upload the battery of my scooter yesterday evening. I only realised it at 5.30 in the early morning and as it needs at least approximately 9 hours at least it was still uploading at the beginning of the afternoon.

Everything has a positive side and so I set about ironing the bed linen, duvet and cushion covers, with a couple of my t-shirts this afternoon. Now everything is completed. Tomorrow is another day, I really do not have a lot to shop for and can enjoy another sunny afternoon tomorrow, as the weather report is telling me. I naturally accompanied my ironing session with some music. This time I switched to the station with Classic Rock instead of my usual soft music. I must say it really helped to get the ironing done in a good tempo.

So here is a sample of Slade with “Cum on feel the noize”, very good for the ironing rhythm:

I am sure we are now wide awake.

RDP Friday: Anticipation

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