FOWC with Fandango: Insatiable

Nothing special I know, but they take me back to my British childhood food days. There was no 5-star cooking at home, just basic working class english food. A solution for an evening meal now and again was beans on toast. White beans in a tomato sauce from the tin. Not those in the photo, but in Switzerland it is difficult to get the original so-called baked beans as bought in England.

We had HP baked beans at home or sometimes Heinz basked beans. They were all advertised as being in a rich tomato sauce and they were. Unfortunately the only beans available in my part of Europe is an anaemic version and really need a tomato transfusion to make them tasty, so I add a portion of tomato puree to them.

This evening I am serving them with ham and egg and some toast bread of course. Just a Friday evening meal, nothing special and a kick off to the week-end.

FOWC with Fandango: Insatiable

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