RDP Wednesday: Fracas

It was not actually a fracas, it was very quiet as I wheeled past this group in town this afternoon. What were they doing? Four members of the police force, all masked and having an intense discussion standing next to one of their cars, no it was a van.

Were they watching how many people were wearing their masks, whether they were standing to close to each other, or just trying out their own masks. They were armed as always.

RDP Wednesday: Fracas

2 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Fracas

  1. In our country we have a store called “Costco” which is warehouse discount shopping .. my wife and I try to social distance, I do not go out without the mask, surgicial nitrile gloves, long sleeve shirt, long pants .. I am all suited up. At Costco … people with no masks etc .. come up .. just curious to inspect the same box of catsup, or cereal, or whatever … that I have paused at … they make no effort to remain distant. I move away, and they move on, having finished their browsing and having failed I reckon at their little game of trying to get me to say something to them, which I refuse to engage in that sort of thing with obvious morons. It makes shopping at Costco which we do early Saturday’s .. very interesting. They used to limit Costco from 8-9 am on weekends to over 60 only and we qualify, but now it is a free for all. Stay safe, stay distant, stay well … SLP ….

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    • Luckily our stores are still restricted in amount of customers allowed so there is no great danger and people keep their distance. As I travel by scooter or wheelchair I am always at a distance and in the store I have my walker


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