Good Morning

As I thought it would, it’s raining again. One day sunny and the next rain and a cold breeze blowing. I suppose you cannot win all of them. Today I must go into town, rain or not, but I think it will be manageable. I have organised some medicine at the chemist for Mr. Swiss: no urgency, but everything seems to be slowing down at the moment. Generally they have it in stock, but this time it had to be organised. One of his medicines is not even sure when it will be available. I was also thinking of getting a flu jab this year. I have never really bothered, but with all the health problems we are now confronted with I thought it would be a good idea. Now we have a shortage of flu jabs. It seems everyone wants one. Perhaps we humans have had it too good too long.

I did manage to take a trip to town yesterday afternoon. There seem to be less and less people there, although that does not bother me so much. The little hut on the right of the photo is our hot chestnut seller. He has been here in the Autumn and Winter months since I can remember, already in the second generation. It is a family that lives in the Italian part of Switzerland, and every year during the Winter they come to our town and roast and sell the chestnuts. When Mr. Swiss and I were younger and would go into town with the kids, we often bought some from him. I remember on the cold days the warmth of the chestnuts through their paper bag in your hands: one of the good memories of a younger life.

As I drove to town on my scooter I managed to get a glimpse of our reform church through the Autumn trees that are now gradually losing their leaves. The sun was shining completing the perfect picture.

I eventually arrived at my destination, the store, although I have nothing really urgent but wanted to stock up on some fresh meat from the butcher. I found what I wanted and it is now slowly freezing in my chest freezer for later days.

Otherwise a normal day with nothing special happening. I was actually glad to get out and break the monotony of home. These are troubled times, everywhere the virus is spreading and I suppose I can count myself lucky that it has not yet knocked on my door. Our local hospital is filling up quickly, although there are still people that seem to think it is all not real. Masks are a way to stop it spreading but not the ultimate solution. There is no solution and all I can do is to reduce my movements amongst other people and restrict visits to places where too many people gather. I stay outside as much as possible when going places- Visiting the store is probably the most dangerous place for me to be. Who would have thought that one day we would no longer be able to lead a “normal” life.

At least we have the Autumn scenery to enjoy.

Yesterday my cleaning lady was here, so no great chores to fulfil in the apartment today, just a little cooking to do. I have never enjoyed cooking so much, I have the time to indulge in its joys. I find myself using more fresh herbs to make it more tasty and yesterday I bought some ingredients to bake a fruit cake. I now tend to often make a side salad with the evening cold cuts to add some variety. I just like to keep myself occupied.

And now to continue on my daily quest for action as long as I can. Keep safe everyone, we are all facing our problems at the moment, no matter how old or fit you are. Let’s have a view on our local mountains to endeavour to cheer us up. Mother nature is doing her best

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning. Wonderful autumn photos of your village and the trees. I wear the mask, and nitrile surgical gloves …the kind sold in the ladies department of the store for putting on and taking off make up I guess is why they are sold in that space. Also frequent hand washing and at other times putting rubbing alcohol on the hands just to be squeaky sure … so far we are lucky but we do not go out except for walks. I am getting ready to take one right now. Have a great day and stay safe. SLP …

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    • I have now started to wear my mask in town on the street. Our government as now said we should masks on the street where there are more crowds. Our town is not really crosded, but I suppose it would help, but everyone should do it. Masks only protect the others and not yourself unless someone else is wearing one. I need my walks (with the scooter or wheelchair). There is alcohol everywhere in the stores and I wash my hands quite a lot.


  2. I am so late today! Between people shopping in anticipation of Hurricane Zeta (will this hurricane season never end?!) and Halloween (I am not even sure we are having Halloween this year), the stores were quite crowded this morning, but I am done with the big shop. Your autumn photos are so pretty. I especially like the one with the dog in the photo. Such a beautiful scene.

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  3. Roasted chestnuts is a tradition in Eastern cities as well. Many more European traditions were adopted there than here. Chestnuts are rare here, although a few old trees survived on the farm for a long time.
    For a while fried green beans tossed over a busy street was popular for some of the Vietnamese celebrations in San Jose through summer. It is a tradition in Thailand, that somehow became popular with some of the Vietnamese. No one seems to know how or why a Thai tradition briefly became popular with the Vietnamese, but it was cool while it lasted. The beans were supposedly best if tossed over a crowded street, and arrived on the other side cooled enough to eat directly. Not many people wore fur during summer, or into the late 1970s.


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