RDP Monday: Swath

ploughing the field

I live in a world of swaths
In the fields they are everywhere
Some are curved and some are straight
And some can be quite square
You will find them on the slopes
They can also be very flat
The farmers are addicted to them
Newly discovered format
When they plant their seeds
They begin to grow in lines
Swaths appearing everywhere
For the birds they are secret signs

RDP Monday: Swath

2 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Swath

  1. Upstate New York — the part of New York that is NOT the city — is like that. it’s actually quite beautiful too. I took a lot of photographs of the fields on the rolling hills, each a different color. Swaths indeed.

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    • It is certainly a beautiful time of the year when the farmer does the harvest. Then the fields will stay bare, probably be covered by some snow, until Spring when the next crops begin to grow.


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