Good Morning

It’s raining again and the Jura mountains in my back yard have only just began to appear through the mist. Otherwise mornings are a little more friendly since we now rise an hour later and can enjoy the light. Of course the evenings are already dark around 5.00 pm which does not bother me so much. If it were not for the more unfriendly weather, I even prefer the winter time. My British colleagues are again on their own in Europe (although I think Portugal is on the same wave length) by being an hour behind as always whether Summer or winter.

I went for a short wheelchair trip yesterday afternoon, just around the village half where I leave to get some fresh air and see what the world was doing. I was pleased to see that our alps were showing themselves again. It is always according to the air conditions and it was a fairly clear day.

They are approximately 112 kilometers from us and it would take about 1 hour 30 minutes to get there in good traffic conditions. We often did the journey when the kids were still kids for our Summner holidays. It was not so far and we could go on some good walks. You got the holiday feeling quite well, as the places were full of tourists from everywhere.

There were also a few cows grazing on the village pastures, all nicely in a row devouring the grass quite systematically. I still enjoy the sights of our area after 50 years: it still all seems such a novelty after growing up in central London.

My journey also took me down to our local river Aare which flows at the bottom of our village. The trees were showing their best Autumn colours. On the other side of the river you begin to approach the Kanton of Bern. We are in the Kanton of Solothurn. We have quite a kantonal spirit in Switzerland: even our dialects change with the borders, although Solothurn Swiss German is similar to Bern Swiss German. It is when you travel further East through Aargau towards Zürich and further that you notice the difference more. They have other expressions and even words.

I noticed the crows were having a flying practice on the fields. The farmer had been busy clearing them and preparing for the crops for next year and crows like to see what the plough has uncovered in the deeper layers of the earth: mainly some nice juicy earthworms.

After an hour I was home again, with a camera filled with some new photos.

Yesterday evening was a TV evening for me. The BBC had a motor programme and were featuring the late Stirling Moss, a British Formula 1 racing driver. I am not a fan of racing sport, but Stirling Moss belonged to my years of growing up in England and was a household name, winning almost all the most important races and even overtaking the Ferrari stars of the day. The film snowed the highlights of his career, unfortunately ending with a serious crash and leaving him unable to continue as a racing driver.

I eventually decided it was time for bed. The sequel to the film “Independence Day” was being shown on the TV. I saw the original film a week ago but decided too many Earth invasions by other extra terrestrials was not so ideal to stay up until the early hours of the morning.

At least I had an interesting Sunday. And now I leave you all to continue my interesting life, although today will be filled with a little housework routine and some shopping in the afternoon. I hope the rain stops. have a good day and keep safe. Now some Autumn trees to carry you all through the day.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos … it looks like the autumn leaves are giving you some time to enjoy them. Ours are finally turning color but falling off the trees as fast as they turn. We spent yesterday afternoon raking them. We will probably have to do it again in about 2 days. Have a great day!!! SLP …

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    • There are enough leaves laying around at the moment, and quite wet from the rain. I also now have a small collection in my front garden and the japanese maple is losing them thick and fast. I will have to get No. 1 son to help rake them together.


  2. Good afternoon, it is -7 C./18 F. this morning with the sun shining and no moisture in sight. Not a lot of except the negative news. Our trees should be turning now. There is plenty of yellow around. I will need to get myself something to eat. My husband keeps the heat down as he is worried my the bill. So we wear sweaters and use a blanket. Have a pleasant time shopping.

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    • We have central floor heating which is quite good and adjusts according to the outside temperature. It is another rainy day today, but not so bad and Iamanaged to get to the local store with no problems. The shopping has already been delivered.

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  3. That’s awesome color, especially the ginkgo. The Norway maples are about bare here. It is one of the only maples that I like that is not from North America. It is not so popular elsewhere, because it naturalizes aggressively. Those that I knew when I was a kid are a mostly sterile cultivar that does not naturalize. Anyway, at the end of winter, I intend to graft scions from those that I knew in the Santa Clara Valley onto common Norway maple understock that just happened to appear in the landscapes here. Yes, someone actually planted a ‘common’ Norway maple, and, as arborists in other regions could have predicted, it tried to naturalize. I pulled the saplings up and canned them, thinking that I could find a home for them eventually. Instead, I will use them for understock for a cultivar that will not naturalize. I will watch for more saplings around where the original tree lives. The cultivar I will be grafting is ‘Schwedleri’, with bronze foliage.

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    • That sounds very technical. Mine has now lost all the leaves, but my son has collected them for me . It. Is a very beautiful little tree, a although it has begun to expand in size. I have never seen a flower on it.

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      • Oh, yes, too technical. oops.
        Flowers of both the ginkgo and maples are not much to notice. Furthermore, modern garden varieties bloom even more discretely. Ginkgos are all male, and male flowers are not easy to find. (Female trees are very messy with stinky fruit.) Cultivars of maple are so extensively bred that they are mostly sterile. That is an advantage for species that have the potential to naturalize where they should not.,
        Okay, I will leave it at that, since it is getting too technical again. They are all so colorful, and that is what we should enjoy about them.

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