Good Morning

This morning I was a little confused. It was so bright outside, the sun had already showed itself and the sky looked as if it had been waiting for me. Of course, we all slept an hour longer last night. I must have needed the extra hour as I did not even wake an hour earlier, but slept my normal rhythm and now feel refreshed and ready to go. Not exactly but it’s good to have an extra hours sleep due to daylight saving time.

It was a good sunny day yesterday and I had to go into town on a quest to my telephone supplier and other accessories. It was time to have a new front glass mounted on my iPhone. When I bought the phone I bought a glass and got a second one free. iPhones are expensive enough so I was glad of the second reserve glass. It was now time to have my glass front replaced as it had so many cracks and scratches that there was the danger of it falling off the phone one day. It is like when you drop a slice of bread and jam it always lands on the jam side. When I drop my iPhone it always lands on the protective glass side, which I suppose is a good thing.

I arrived at the shop, put on my mask and entered and discovered that the assistants were all nice young men ready to help. I also had a second quest to fulfil and decided that I wanted so-called iPods for my telephone for listening to my online music whilst busy with housework and cooking. I still had the old fashioned ear pods that I had to plug into my mobile phone which was a little inconvenient. As everything I have is Apple I decided I wanted the Apple iPods. More expensive that the other makes, but I knew they would be reliable for all my fruitful apple appliances. The young man had them in stock and probably due to my charm and irresistibility he organised them for me so all I had to do at home, if anything, was to upload them completely. I must say it is really much better now, and I can move freely without dragging my mobile phone around with me in my little shoulder pouch.

Of course when I got home Mr. Swiss decided he could also use such iPods. Although he is more sedately than I am, not such an action type, he found they would be more comfortable for listening from the armchair and watching films on his iPad. He has now also ordered a pair online. I am sure if I had not had the idea, he would not have bothered, but he likes to keep up with me in my computerised ideas.

My quest was now completed in town so I decided to go on a small tour before returning home. As I had no shopping to do at the store, I could roam around at leisure in places that I do not always have the time to visit. I had not been down to the restaurant mile along the river for some time and saw that covid or not, people were still enjoying the outside life for a drink and conversation. Here the keep safe rules are not so bad, as you are in the open air and covid can disperse itself.


It really was a wonderful afternoon, with blue skies and some ornamental clouds in between. I felt quite contented cruising around on my scooter and being amongst other humans, although not too close of course.

I left the river and took the slope back to town. there were quite a few people around, walking apart from each other of course. I even saw some of the masculine population still wearing their short trousers and some ladies still in short sleeves, although I found there was too much of a nip in the air for such experiments.

I eventually took the path home. I had a chilli con carne to cook for the evening meal, although I had everything under control and no stress. I also wanted to try out my new iPods and found they are ideal They are one of the little perks in life that I enjoy.

As I sit here at the kitchen table I noticed that a few sparrows have arrived in the tree outside the window. One of the morning delights. And now I should move on, there is a dinner to be cooked, a few chores to be dealt with and above all, listening to music on my favourite online sation.

Smooth Radio

It is really smooth, good music and nice and restful. I think I am now getting a little too old for heavy metal, although I always had a soft spot for Axel Rose and Guns and Roses.

Have a good Sunday everyone, just look in the other direction if you happen to see a covid 19 lurking around. I leave you with a view on our local Jura mountains in the back yard as I was on my way to town yesterday.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It’s the same in our house, whatever one buys the other has to have too – and go one better 🙂

    I envy you your blue skies of yesterday – nothing but rain here with the occasional flash of sun that disappears the minute we even think about stepping outside.

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    • We also had a nice sunny day today, but tomorrow rain is forecast.
      I agree to your first comment, the other person always has to go one better, although this time there is only one better and even that one is quite expensive.

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  2. Good morning … Guns and Roses … who knew? … wow … I have to sit down and think about that one for a moment … the white fluffly clouds in your photos of the town yesterday are so delightlful. Hope you have a good day today. It as supposed to be nice where I live but right now it is cold and rainy .. don’t know if this is going to be all day or not. I hope not .. I have big plans to work in the garden today. Take care and have a great day. SLP …

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    • Today was also a nice sunny day, but tomorrow the rain returns I saw. I made the most of the good weather this afternoon but only around the village. I quite enjoyed my ipod this morning but forgot I had them in my ears, the music ws so nice. I was still listening at the dinner table.


  3. Good afternoon, its cold and a hard freeze last night.It was rain instead of snow but rest of state got snow. Monday a different caregiver is expect as Kathy starts her treatment. I have been told something but I am not sure what happen as so often it is not true. Have a pleasant rest of the day and stay safe.

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    • A good sunny day and went for a trip around the village with my camera, but not very long. Pulled out some of the dead hosta leaves in the garden with No. 1 son. Otherwise just pottering around on the computer. And it is now getting dark quite early now.

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      • I sort of remember who he is. There was a rumor when we were in college that he learned to drive in my old Dodge, because the nephew of the only former owner of the car, who might have learned to drive it, happened to be named Bill Rose, which was Axl Rose’s former name. Axl Rose had his drivers’ license before he came to California, and he lived in Los Angeles, four hundred miles from where the Dodge was. By the time I got to Beverly Hills in about 1986, Axl Rose had been off performing for a few years, so I never saw him or knew who he was until years later.

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