7 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Allegation

  1. Praising her cleanliness my houseproud aunt used to say: “You can eat off our floors.” Until the day my mother snapped: “And you get up full from ours.” (works better in German) 😀

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    • I think I know how she would have said it in German. Ich spreche mehr oder weniger flliessend deutsch, aber kann nicht so gut schreiben . Ich wohne seit 51 Jahre in der Schweiz. Mein Man ist Schweizer und Schwyzertuetsch ist unsere Haussprache 😃

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        • I very much admire how well people write english here, although it is not their Muttersprache. I even have problems myself with English. I forget the words and think only the German expression. I often have to recheck in an online dictionary.

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          • I do, too (checking that is). I find that I make more mistakes than I used to (*big sigh*). Particularly homonyms I never used to get wrong are now going haywire.


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