RDP Saturday: Strange

You see some strange objects when in town. Just this afternoon I was in town with my scooter. I had a purchase to make in a special store and as I had enough time I decided to take the route along the river.

And then I saw the shoes: no feet, no humans, just shoes and not even matching pairs. Some were for the right foot and some for the left and in various colours. They lead to a door which was closed.They were very nice shoes, leather and fashionable. If I was still a walker I might have removed a pair to wear, but that was the problem. There were no pairs. Perhaps it was someone with only one foot that left the shoes, although as sometimes the right shoe, and sometimes the left shoe was missing, only footless humans could be involved.

I decided to go home, keeping an eye open for someone searching for a missing shoe.

RDP Saturday: Strange

11 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Strange

  1. That is strange. But you’ve jogged a memory! When my husband went to the Lac St jean area of Quebec after a flood destroyed part of the town, he worked with several other volunteers sorting incoming donations. It was a disheartening job, seeing what some people were willing to send to “those poor flood victims.” In one box they found a bunch of ladies shoes — all for the left foot. Mates never showed up. For some oddities there just is no explanation.

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