FOTD 24th October 2020: Banana

Not very often you see a banana plant growing in our little Swiss town, but we actually have two of them for the summer floral decoarations. They are not flowering, also have no bananas, but who knows? I heard the rumour that next year they are planning to plant pineapples.

FOTD 24th October 2020: Banana

8 thoughts on “FOTD 24th October 2020: Banana

  1. One of the greenhouses in a neighboring state has a banana plant that they say will be hardy in our USDA Zone (5). they don’t promise it will bear fruit, but that with precautions it will be hardy – which I think means it will die back to roots, and regrow the following year. Being that my area of New England is supposed to shift to USDA zone 7 or 8 this century who knows what will happen.

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  2. They actually look better than the average bananas here do. They live in the garden all years, but can get a bit roasted by the aridity during summer.


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