RDP Wednesday: Fantasy

What does our village post office have to do with fantasy? One aspect is that it no longer exists and was closed down. The post closed many of the village post offices, so we now have to go to town, or the next village. Of course the problem is solved by doing all financial transactions on line.

This means that for the post you need a plastic card and a strange small instrument to keep it all safe, protected with a system, as I do. I have a bank account, but prefer doing my daily business, shopping etc, and paying online bills, by the post application. I can also use the plastic card in the store for paying, although my store now has an app. My post account is available online and I only have to show it on my phone, the lady at the cash desk does her bit and the bill is paid. I no longer really need my plastic card for this particular store, but I still need it for oither stores and transactions.

The fantasy now happened today when I was in another store, wanted to pay and yes, my post card was not where it should be in my purse. Luckily I did have a few other cards to pay the bill, but I was naturally very unsure and in a predicament. I phoned Mr. Swiss at home and he had a look and found nothing.

I searched through my bag, and when I got home went through a few pockets. still nothing. Then Mr. Swiss to the rescue. He reminded me that I did an online payment during the week and so I had at look at the device I need for the payment operation. Yes, the card was still in the machine. It seemed that the golden oldie fantasy struck again.

RDP Wednesday: Fantasy

2 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Fantasy

  1. Oh this happened to me too. And by Murphy’s law it was at the post office, who doesn’t accept credit cards…. Luckily I had enough cash on me. S..t happens 🤫🤔

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