Good Morning

This morning I did my usual check on the sky to see what sort of day it will be and saw a lovely blue patch. I then did my next task and pumped up the computer. My first stop is always Facebook. I do not know why, I am not really a Facebook person that I divulge all my secrets and feelings on this site. I suppose it is merely habit, and then it happened. I was awake immediately. Facebook was congratulating Mr. Swiss on his 81st birthday and me? I had sleeked out of bed, dragged myself to the kitchen, met Mr. Swiss on the way as he was returning to his bed and we both mumbled a few words of recognition, but nothing more. Life as a golden oldie can really have an effect on your person. Of course I stormed back to the bedroom and with many shameful apologies wished him happy birthday. His reaction? I forgot yours last year as well. I suppose after living together since 51 years, you do tend to forget these things that almost become routine. Needless to say there will be no big celebrations. Neither of us have the energy. It will be a normal relaxing day in our senior years in the sense of the less excitement the better.

I was in town yesterday on my way to the store. I really wanted to fill up the freezer with some meat reserves, as I noticed I was getting a little low on them. No great problem, but it is always a good feeling to know that you have a decent choice if you are not able to go shopping or want a relaxing day. After eating veal stew for yesterday’s dinner I decided I should have some basic food. Of course we enjoyed it, but that it something I usually save for a Sunday or special days eating and not Tuesday during the week.

So I bought some fresh food to freeze and also a collection of various vegetables so that I have a choice during the week and do not have to organise so much.

There were even a couple of musicians in town yesterday. Although it was not so warm, if you wrap up warm enough it is OK. I wore my Winter jacket yesterday for the first time since last Winter with a warm scarf around my neck as it can get a little draughty when travelling by scooter. This musician seemed to be quite comfortable playing his zither whilst sitting on the ground.

Although the street restaurants still attract some customers, they now have sheepskin covers for warmth.

Covid is really spreading now and Switzerland in Europe has now overtaken the other countries in the speed of its development. I read today that a customer in one of our street bars was diagnosed with this scourge, as well as two of the serving personnel in the restaurant. There was also some sort of super spreading event at a yodelling celebration, although in another town. There seems to be no slowing down of this disease and there is talk of lockdown, although no concrete plans up to now.

My week is a little disturbed as I did not do any shopping on Monday, so I will yet again be on my way into town today, but just for a few items and then I can take it easy for the rest of the week. I had an interesting meeting yesterday at the cash desk in the store. It is usually the same lady that serves me and I always have my walker with me. She suddenly asked me if I have MS. I was surprised she asked and told her it was my problem. She said she also has MS and as we exchanged details it seems her problems are almost the same as mine. She is about 10 years younger than I am so not yet so much progressed as mine, but walking is giving her problems. She is still working at the cash desk, but as she does not have to move around so much, she is managing OK. Sometimes it is those little meetings make you realise you are not so alone in the world.

Travelling through the outskirts of town I realised that the autumn leaves now really have us all in their grip. And now I will make my way though the daily chores at home. Mr. Swiss is now up and about so we can continue with our birthday celebrations, in a quiet golden oldie way.

May you have a good day, and keep out of harm’s way.

20 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It was probably very good for her to meet you, too. I know, soon after my stroke, I felt very alone. I really had to push myself, probably beyond my limits at the time, to get to a peer support group every fortnight. Just to know that other people had the same problem and were getting through it. Happy Birthday to Mr Swiss.

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    • I think do too. I think she is the first person that I could talk to about it and knew that she felt the same way as i do. I never bothered to contact other support groups as MS has so many different symptoms

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  2. Your birthday story reminded me of a couple, friends of mine, who every year for several years celebrated their wedding anniversary on the wrong day. One year it was the right day, wrong month. Next year, it was the wrong day, right month. By then, then resolved to celebrate it on the right day the next year. Yes, wrong day, wrong month! By then, it became such a joke with them, they decided they’d just have a celebration around the time of year they married and enjoy the fact their marriage was stronger than remembering an anniversary. I can’t imagine not remembering the anniversary, but so it was, and they continue to enjoy a happy marriage.

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  3. After I had my neck surgeries to remove the cancer, I had to wear a huge neck brace for 6 months. It was most uncomfortable and I did not like going out with it as many people just stared. At one store, the woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I had had surgery. I told her I had. She was most encouraging in telling me it would take awhile but all would be better. I really needed to hear that because I was not in a good place with my cancer. She gave me the hope that I really needed. As you say, someone who has been through it can be such a good one to have a talk with.
    A very Happy Birthday to Mr Swiss! We don’t celebrate, either. Just happy to be here another year.

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    • It really does help when someone talks about your problem and you realise she also knows what you are going through. Mr. Swiss says thankyou. I might even be able to persuade him to join WordPress.

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  4. There was a story on our news tonight that the bump in your COVID is because of a yodeling contest! It was, it would seem, a super-spreader event. Yodeling. That’s different. We got presidential rallies and motorcycle events, but i think a yodeling competition wins for strange ways to spread a virus. At least it’s musical.

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    • Not only the yodelling event, although I also read it in our Swiss news, but many other events. People are getting careless and not realising that every little counts. The spike is now more with the 20-30 year olds and those that just have to have their evening out in the bar with colleagues and still do it in spite. We are still safe it seems, almost unbelievable, although we lead a secluded life basically.


      • A friend in town who is not expected to survive such an infection is confined to a medical facility with many others who are similarly vulnerable. I think that in normal circumstances, he would not still be hospitalized, but is stuck there much longer because of this situation. It makes me angry that so many are not taking it seriously.

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