RDP Monday: Hardihood

Life can get quite complicated, especially if you have to call for one of these in the morning as we did. I began to clean the shower room and suddenly the room began to turn, or was it my head. Eventually I was on the floor wedged between the toilet seat and a cupboard beneath the sink. Mr. Swiss was soon by my side, perhaps not so soon as he is no longer the quickest on foot. I think he heard my cries of despair. In the meanwhile I did manage to get my foot out of its immovable position and was sitting, not quite so comfortably on the shower room floor. My head was no longer spinning like a top, although there was an uncertain feeling.

Mr. Swiss arrived at the scene of the problem. Although it is always good to have company, he was not able to help me by lifting me to my feet again. Luckily I was prepared and had my mobile phone with me. It was in a small shoulder bag hanging around my neck as I had been listening to “Smooth Radio” on the telephone, one of my favourite radio stations. Having MS is not easy when one of the problems is standing in the horizontal after landing in the vertical, so I knew the routine and called the ambulance service. Unfortunately the number I had was the police, but they transferred me immediately. Cutting a long story short, within ten minutes the ambulance arrived and two young ladies took each arm and pulled me back into the horizontal. I had already organised Mr. Swiss to place a chair, and so my predicament was saved and I was back on a normal level.

Otherwise still a little giddy, so I decided to spend the rest of the day at home, but I was brave to the very last.

RDP Monday: Hardihood

12 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Hardihood

  1. Oh, Pat–so glad Mr Swiss was there with you, even if he wasn’t able to lift you. You are very smart to keep your phone with you. I hope the rest of your day is uneventful.

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    • My phone is never far away, although this was more luck than judgement. I have the habit of listening to music on my headphones whilst I am cleaning in the morning and I still had it with me. I think Mr. Swiss was more shocked than I was. I just went into action (metally of course).

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      • And that is why you should reconsider cleaning yourself. Wipe the dust from the furniture, if you like, but do not go and clean the bathroom or the kitchen (apart from light cleaning up after cooking). You are not getting any younger.

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        • True what you say. I do have a cleaning lady that does my bathroom and shower room as well as the kitchen She comes once a week for a few hours and really works super. I just like to do a daily clean through, but nothing too strenuous. All I was doing in the shower room at that moment was cleaning the sink which is no big deal. I had not even began. My head began to turn. I think I had an MS “Schub” as the symptoms were familiar from the last time. I find that keeping a routine helps me to keep going.


          • I underdtand where you are coming from, but bathroom and kitchen should really be left to her for good. Nobody says do not quickly wie away with a cloth. But don’t get a detergent and do not stow away the cloth under the sink. And do not cook when alone in the kitchen. You might want to have a quick helper near when nausea and vertigo creep up while you handle pots and pans

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