Good Morning

Sometimes hugging the bed for half an hour longer in the morning does have its rewards. The misty morning has disappeared and the sun is poking its way through and this photo is the result, so what could be better. It has been a long while since I slept on and surprisingly saw that it was already 8.30 a.m., but does it really matter. I have no appointments, no-one is waiting for me and no longer a cat to greet me (and I do miss her even two months later).

My first action was to creep down to the cellar and take todays meat out of the freezer. Monday is always frozen as it keeps fresher because I buy it on Friday usually.

My neighbours are luckier. They do not have to find their food in the store, their store is the outside and there is always something green to eat somewhere. Yes I was out and about in the top half of the village yesterday where the chickens and goats walk wing in foot and I was glad to get out.

The chickens were also busy foraging for some hidden morsals, whatever they are. I think they are more into the seeds before they burst open and begin to grow. The rooster seemed to be having an afternoon sleep so the chickens were left to their own life. I suppose roosters do feel tired during the day, as they are the first to wake in the morning, one of their duties being to wake everyone else.

And yet another new arrival in the chicken run. I had never seen this one before. It is really surprising what those eggs contain. I suppose being a London girl and growing up in the big city, the only birds being pigeons or sparrows, chickens are still exotic for me.

Otherwise the cows were out in the fields making the most of the laid table, before it is covered by the Winter snow. Reflecting on last Winter I remember we only had about 2-3 days of actual snow. It was cold, but the snow stayed away. It would be great if this year we had a similar state of affairs. Snow for me would mean no more scooter journeys, not to speak of the wheelchair, and I would have to rely on the local train. It would not be a great problem, but not so convenient.

I took the usual route through the cemetery on my way and Autumn has certainly moved in

This morning I was wakened by the local gardener clearing our paths with his leaf blower. In the old days they would do it with special brooms combined with bunches of twigs. Today it is all mechanical and very noisy. The swishing of the brooms was much better. The grand finale is when the gardener arrives with his mega vacuum machine sucking it all away.

And let us not forget Christmas is just around the corner, so get your Christmas shopping done and begin to plan for your decorations. Am I too early? I think so, but according to various TV and radio stations we are constantly be reminded to start preparing for the holiday I cannot believe it, but every year the same old story. Buy, buy, buy and make sure that everyone has their presents, even if it is just in the name of doing it. I am not a believer, do not really celebrate Christmas as such but just like to have an excuse for some good food and relaxation. When all the stores are closed, there is not much else to do. I do not buy Christmas presents (with the exception of my two grandchildren) and do not need anything. As a golden oldie I am happy with what I have. Let’s face it, it is only October and we have another two months before it arrives.

I wonder if our Covid invader realises that it is Christmas. I do not thing so. Our Swiss government gave out some new restrictions yesterday as cases are increasing to over one thousand a day, which is a lot for little Switzerland. Masks in all rooms available to the public and only 15 people allowed to meet together with the required space in between. As Mr. Swiss and I lead a somewhat secluded life, it will be no problem. Home office is now being recommended where possible.

And now I am off to get down to some serious work. Cannot sit at the computer all morning, have some hoovering, mopping and cooking to do. Of course there will be the afternoon visit to the stores (with mask) in the afternoon. So keep safe, take it easy and of course, do not forget your Christmas Shopping list.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning…. great post this morning … I also like to get Christmas going early, and sit there and enjoy it. But by the First of the Year … p-f-f-f-t…. it all comes down …. have a great day, and keep up the great photos of misty autumn mornings from there where you live … SLP …

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  2. You have the most fabulous chickens. The cows also look like they are enjoying the great outdoors. Christmas….the local stores have Halloween decorations on one aisle and Christmas on the other. I don’t even know if there will be Halloween this year. We have no small children on my street so never have visitors, but I would think parents would want to keep their children home. So glad that is not a decision I have to make. I know we looked forward to the candy haul when I was growing up, though. Have a great day, Pat.

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    • Of course we have beautiful chickens, they make competition with our beautiful cows. Basially we do not really celebrste halloween in Switzerland. There was an attempt a few years ago, but they eventully sold all the sweet stuff at half price as no-one was really interested. Sometimes there might be a small group of some children knocking at the door for treats, but no-one really has any. I read on the english news that Halloween will probably be a no go this year due to Covid. As I do not reall celebrate Christmas, just enjoy the food, I do not know what will happen.

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  3. Good afternoon, Halloween is lost this year but the stores have stacks of candy. The news all about CORVID-19 and political news which is not even fit to read. Our 10-day forecast has possible snow in it.I remember growing up, the weather was poor for trick or treat. I have been looking at my Christmas photos and felt it is too early. Contiune with a stress free time the rest of the day.

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    • I had a little stress as I fell and had to call the ambulance to pick me up again, but no injuries. It was just a problem of getting giddy and losing my balance. We do not have halloween, it is not o intersting for the Swiss and does not belong to our tradition. We had pleasant weather today, but I stayed at home.

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