Good Morning

I should have stayed in bed this morning. It would have been better. Just a few minutes more, but the problems would have remained. Yesterday evening I took meat out of the freezer to thaw out overnight, the steaks for lunch. However, I took the wrong meat and now have a portion of minced beef which I cannot use today. Now I have the choice, cook it or throw it. I decided a frozen spaghetti sauce can always be used, so that is one of the unexpected chores that I now have. The steaks? That is no problem they are now nicely thawing and by lunch time will be OK.

The next problem is not really a problem – for me. I decided to make one of my Swiss apple tarts today. I buy the ready rolled pastry in the store, just have to fill it with the apples and the egg and cream sauce I cook with it. Then Mr. Swiss says I should make the pastry thinner. I was annoyed. I buy the same ready rolled out pastry for the past 10 years and never a word. Nearly all housewives use this ready rolled pastry to save time, and suddenly it is too thick (for Mr. Swiss). Yes I was annoyed. I will cook my Swiss apple tart with the thick pastry today, and I am certain that No. 1 son and I will eat it, because it is thin enough for us. And all this happened in the first quarter of an hour of my day – enough excitement.

And now to calm down and spend the rest of the morning in my usual routine – I hope. I went to town yesterday afternoon. I had to replenish the stock of cigarettes for Mr. Swiss. I now even get points for buying them in the other store I visit since I joined, although it will be some time to reap the benefit. They sell the coffin nails (cigarettes) in the kiosk section, so whilst i was there I had a look around for anything else I might need in the other part of the store. That is the strange thing. I found nothing I needed, I already have it all at home. Since i realised that I am no longer as mobile as I was, and covid is creating a new life style, I have stocked up on a lot of stuff in case of an emergency. The cellar is full, my pantry is full and I am fully equipped with all necessities and there was really nothing I needed. I think I am getting too good at this job.

I drifted around town with my scooter and there were a few people having a look around. No-one really buys a lot today, and it seemed to be more people that just wanted a change of scenery. Life’s routine has certainly changed today. Everyone keeps their distance and many are masked. I wear my mask more now, but am one of the people that have problems with it. I can managed OK in the stores more or less, but my glasses steam up and visibility is not so good in general. If I keep it on when on the scooter, I cannot see far enough ahead.

I also notice in town that there are many more dogs. Everyone that has one takes it with them. Probably because people are just there to take a walk and not visit the stores. Some have one dog, many have two and sometimes seem to have groups of dogs with them. Perhaps some are dog walkers. This dog was very small, but I made him bigger with a close-up.

This lady was taking he three dogs for exercises in our town wall gardens. They could be alone and had room for a few doggy actions.

On my way home I saw that the farmer was now cutting down the remains of the sunflower field. The crows were having a great time gathering up the dropped seeds from the exercise. This is the one of the last agricultural actions for this year. Now Winter will arrive and peace will settle over the fields, as well as the snowfalls.

I had a good evening watching TV yesterday. Since Mr. Swiss goes to bed earlier I have my own choice of programmes. We tend to have different tastes in entertainment, although as the years go past he reads more than watch the TV. It all began with watching “Independence Day” when earth was being invaded by extra terrestrials who were determined to destroy our world and take all its resources. It had the usual heroes that saved the day. When that was finished I switched channels and saw the last part of Jurassic World, which I had actually watched the week before, although only in bits and pieces. The grand final was “The Shining” which I stumbled upon when it was half way through. I saw the film many years ago and even read the original book in the meanwhile (which was better than the film in my opinion). Eventually I went to bed as I was not interested in watching until after midnight, so i missed the end where Jack Nicholson froze to death. I am sure that nearly all of you have seen that film.

And now I have a few additional chores in the kitchen, so will make my way. Have fun, enjoy Sunday and take it easy.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Our masks have wire, presumably, sewn into the top edge. The mask can, therefore (to an extent), be moulded to the shape of your nose. Doing so minimises glasses steaming up. I have no idea what these masks are called but I’m sure you could find out on the web. They are medical-grade as opposed to something you might knock up on a sewing machine.

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  2. Good morning .. I bought apples yesterday because I was intrigued from your photo a few days ago of you Apple Tart .. so I am going to try to make one. Also there was an article in the paper to take a Kleenex (paper nose tissue … ) and put it on the inside of your mask next to your skin and that will solve the fogging problem with the eyeglasses ..I tried it and it works plus it helps keeps the fibers on the mask away from my nose and mouth. You just lay the mask on the table, put the Kleenex on it, fold it over a tiny bit at the top so it stays in place and then put it on. I think it feels a lot better than just with the mask alone .. it creates more space inside the mask next to your face which feels less constrained. The big improvement is that it stops the fogging of the glasses .. Have a great day. Good luck with your baking. SLP …

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  3. Beautiful Autumn scene of the sunflower farm. I do hope your day finishes well. Mine hasn’t really started yet. I’ve fed the cat and had two cups of tea and toast. Really should shake a leg … 🤪

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  4. Your recent apple tart blog prompted me to buy apples this week, too! In my home when i was a child, the rule of thumb was anything your mother makes to eat is good. LOL! Woe be to the soul who made a comment otherwise. Besides, with three other children, if you didn’t like something, there was no issue with it going to waste. Your husband needs to be reminded of the rule: You make only good things to eat!

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    • I think he has now forgotten the problem. I will see this evening how much he eats. It is one of the prerogatives of getting older probably,you tend to forget a lot and make remarks which are quickly forgotten. I still have a whole big basket of apples outside from the tree, about 100 of them, so there will be many apple tarts (with thick pastry) made this year.


      • I settled for a baked apple after reading this since I’d have to clean up to go to the grocery store for some of the cobbler tart ingredients. Any way you go, apples are a treat! Tell your husband “poor Americans are settling for thick-crust tarts without the pastry.” LOL!

        I’m happy I stumbled across your blog. It’s one a few that are among my “must find and view” in the Reader feed each day!

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        • My newest development is being eaten by all, so it must be OK.
          Glad you enjoy my daily news, although not exactly pure excitement, although now and again I notice a new cow in the herd


          • Hey (no pun intended!), where I live, there are more cows than people, so that new cow in the herd is really interesting to me!

            Glad the tart issue was resolved to the satisfaction of all! My word! Starving children in the Third World would kill for that tart!

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  5. Good afternoon, our skies have put on a show last with sunset and this morning with storm clouds. It is sunny out with a small amount of smoke. I was taught you ate whatever was serve to you. You never criticize the cook it was a poor manor. AS you grow older your taste changes. If someone told me that I would enjoy salmon and yogurt, I would have said no way. Have a stress-free for the rest of the day.

    • It was an astonishing remark because I have been using the same pastry for many years. I do not make it myself, it is already rolled, but with age I suppose you tend to forget a lot. This has nothing to do with taste really, just golden oldie problems – we all have them. I have been cooking for the family for more than 50 years and we are still all alive. I took a trip in my wheelchair to the castle this afternoon and met a friend on the way, so it was a pleasant afternoon.

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  6. I haven’t figured out how to keep my glasses from fogging up either, but I don’t wear it in the car because I’m always with Garry or Owen, so it’s OK. I keep several masks with me (okay, in various colors so I can match) and an extra in the glove compartment, too. We are very low COVID in this area, but all around us, they are bad so I’m waiting for it to catch up with us. My doctor is sending me to a pain specialist. He thinks they might have a miracle somewhere for me. I could us a nice miracle.

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    • I probably had a thrust with my MS this week. Am not sure, but am quite dizzy in the mornings. I now have the trick with the mask. They have a thin wire at the top and you must bend it a little to fit your nose. The approved masks are sold in boxes of 20 and they have now reduced the price considerably


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