Good Morning

There really was a sort of sunrise this morning, although it began quite grey. Now the skies are clearing, some blue and it looks like a sunny morning. What will happen later, who knows. Yesterday was a rainy day, not too much and I managed to get to the store along the road accompanied with just a few drops of rain here and there.

The road to the store did not look very promising as I set off on my scooter, real end of the world atmosphere. It is quite depressing currently when I see the increase of he covid statistics. I ask when will it all end. Being a golden oldie you look back now and again on life and are glad to have the stress behind you, but you never do. There is always something that crops up unexpectedly.

Life changes, but I try to keep up with the changes. Even normal shopping has become a digital world I have discovered. I suppose we all shop at our preferred stores but being a computerised golden oldie I have slipped into the world of online stores with all their benefits. I have been connected by computer to one store for a few years and have grown into its system, noting the special rebates automatically online and the speial offers . Just because I have grown older I do not give up, you can always learn something. They even invited me to belong to their new experimental group for online purchases, which works very well for me with home deliveries of my preferred items. In the meanwhile I started to explore the other large store in our country (we basically have two large organisations, so everything is well under control). I have also here now become a member and got my little plastic card yesterday, although I do not need it so much as I have it all set up on my iPhone app. Mr. Swiss was getting interested as well as it is one of the stores he visits, and they are also connected to the store where we can buy electronic appliances and accessories. He was delighted to see they actually sent two plastic cards, the second being for usage of a second family member. We are now completely online together. He admires my ability to keep up with these modern developments, but for me it is fun and keeps my brain operational.

Yesterday I was even having cyber moments in the kitchen, not quite perhaps, but is was a combination of modern appliances. While the veg was normaly cooking in the pan, I had the fish frying in my airfryer (on the right)

and the potatoes were cooking in my microwave. What a great combination for me. I notice by using these appliances I do have less cleaning work and the kitchen does not smell like a restaurant when we eat. All I need now is a cook to do it all for me.

Today is Saturday, so no big tasks to deal with, just those that I want to do. If the weather stays rainless, which I think it will, I will pop into town this afternoon, but more a pleasure trip than combined with shopping tasks, although I will have a look around.

Have a good week-end everyone and try to ignore the less pleasant events, although I know it can be quite difficult sometimes.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Are you still happy with your air fryer? Are things turning out good? I’m seeing special offers here and there, it’s always getting better and comments are usually great. I’m tempted but I have no space at all. So…..

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  2. Good morning … you should do a You Tube channel … and do individual videos on your Cyber life and how to use all these new gadgets you are getting … I think people would watch and some of those companies whose products you are using would probably pay you to showcase them .. that is apparently how it works … anyway .. have a great day … SLP …

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  3. The new goodies are lots of fun. My wife was very leery about three years ago when I surprised her with an Instant Pot, but now she uses it for almost everything. No air fryer yet, but friends have them and like them.
    Have a great day!

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  4. Good afternoon, the weather here says definitely fall is here. I now have anew item, an electric teakettle now I have my tea as the water is hot. I wonder why there hasn’t been one before with all the different machines for coffee. Yes, cooking has changed over the years. My caregiver cooks our meals. She will even do a different one for each of us. we are going to miss here as our year has been a wonderful one. Have another stress free evening and stay safe.

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    • We are surrounded by browns, yellows and reds from the Autumn leaves now. I had a water boiler for many years with integrated descaler. I just bought a new one as the other was no longer descaling so well. Cooking is also now becoming a technical process. I remember my dad never wanted a microwave and preferred his old oven, but he eventually changed his mind when he moved into his care home. He got quite used to it. Took a short trip to town this afternoon, but realised I did not really have to get anything because I have it all at home. I think I am now too well organised.

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  5. This is so true, “Being a golden oldie you look back now and again on life and are glad to have the stress behind you, but you never do. There is always something that crops up unexpectedly..”

    I went to get my groceries this morning and a woman was pushing her cart from the store. She asked me the meaning of my license plate (Langlauf) and I told her. We chatted briefly from a distance through our masks. She said, “You’re doing this the smart way.” (I was waiting in back of Bella for the guy to bring my groceries) I told her I wasn’t going back to shopping the old way. I explained I did a much better job ordering online. BUT…I miss that kind of interaction that always took place in the store. I’ve had some pretty interesting conversations with strangers while shopping.


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