Good Morning

I was not a happy bunny when I opened the window this morning. Before I even opened the shutters I could hear the rain tumbling down in a torrential downpour. It was early in the morning, so it could stop during the day and only get better. My next movement was to have a quick look on my iPad at the daily weather forecast which showed little pictures of rainclouds, although the afternoon programme did show a little sun peeping through. It’s Friday so I can hibernate over the week-end if the rain continues.

Friday used to be my week-end shopping day, but with my new system, it is no longer such a big event. I go to the new supermarket along the road and do not have a lot to buy: enough, but it is no longer the large project it used to be. Mr. Swiss is off to the dentist again, but this time during the afternoon to have his new tooth fitted. Yesterday was really one drama after the other, and I will be pleased for some smooth runnings today.

I just needed some music to brighten up the day to accompany me on my Olympic games in the appartment.

Otherwise I stayed at home yesterday not doing very much, so my photo expedition was limited to the garden.

And that is also now looking a bit dismal with yellow leaves almost everywhere. The hostas are now planning to go until nest year. I have a good system. I wait for the leaves to die down and crumple and eventually just a light tug removes them. Usually No. 1 son helps me with the task.

Covid statistics are not looking good in Switzerland at the moment, and the cases are increasing in leaps and bounds. mainly in the large towns. We have now joined countries in Europe with high rises in infections.Our Kanton is still one of the less infected places, but even that has increased considerably. I am thinking of wearing a mask everywhere and not just in the stores or public transport, although it is more for the protection of the others and not myself. It would only help me if others did the same. I have no signs of coughing or fever but it is a risky business. Even prominent people get it. We now have a few cases in the Swiss parliament.

I was watching a programme on the BBC TV yesterday evening called “The Trump Show”. I did not really intend to watch it, but there was nothing else worth seeing. It showed how this person had no idea when he was elected and the chaos that developed in the White House at the beginning of his reign: the various advisors that came and went. Eventually Mr. Trump got the idea, and now he makes the decisions as he is the King, at least he thinks so. I think I might follow this programme, it covers his first, and I hope, only four years. I just wonder how the elections will develop. It seems he still has many followers.

Otherwise nothing new to report. Have good day, keep safe and try to ignore the problems, although easier said than done.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. There is a programme here next Monday at 8 pm (UK) on Channel 4, specifically dealing with Trump’s handling of Corona. It looks like it might be worth watching but I find these programmes just “more of the same”. They are just a drip, drip – but the bigger picture is that the bucket was already full as far back as 2015, probably before.
    It concerns me that the Americans I meet (mostly on WP) are intelligent, educated people, and yet hiding under rocks somewhere are 60 million Americans who supported him in 2016.

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    • I might just watch that one. Mr. Swiss likes to follow that stuff. I have many Amrican colleagues on WordPress and I would agtree with your comments. However, as you say, there are many that find Trump the super president and it would not surprise me if he got re-elected (heaven forbid). It is a shame that there is no stronger opposition.

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  2. Good afternoon, it froze again this morning. The sun is shining and no moisture in sight. WE got some bad news today as Kathy, our caregiver has treatable cancer and we will be getting a new caregiver. All the polls have Biden ahead of Trump. The early voting shows how many people are voting, Idaho has already received 40,000 absentee ballots which is a record. I read somewhere 17 million have already voted. Some areas have long lines for an early vote. However, the President is determined by the electoral college, and not the popular vote. His supporters are mainly white males. His policy is to confuse the voting and have the voting declared invalid allowing him to stay in power. One of our rights is free speech. There are 5, other is the right to bear arms. Have a pleasant evening.

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  3. For the first time, we skipped the “debates” yesterday. We already know for whom we are voting and nothing anyone says is going to change that … and listening to Trump makes Garry turn beet red. Just the sound of his voice infuriates him. Early voting — something we’ve never had before — starts here tomorrow. We can vote any day, including Sunday until Election Day which is November 3rd. This will make it much more convenient for everyone.

    I don’t trust our mails, so we all agreed to NOT mail our ballots. How bad are the mails? i mailed a check to the guy who replaced our back doors about 10 days ago and they don’t have the check yet! And they live in town, about 3 miles away. That’s really bad, so I’m glad we didn’t decide to vote by mail.

    I know Trump has followers and frankly, I don’t understand why. But there are a surprising number of ignorant and stupid people in the U.S. Four more years of him and we won’t have a country anyone wants to live in.

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    • I did not bother to follow yesterday’s discussions. We can complete our voting forms here and drop them in at the local town office. They always have a special letter box. We also have a couple of weeks to deal with it.
      It seems to be a particular ignorent group of people that are voting for Trump. I cannot understand it either.


  4. As one of the American members, there are so many in my circle of family and friends who have hopes that our current president will be voted out, but we know there is the possibility that he won’t. We’re doing our part to encourage people to vote, vote, vote. I thank you all for recognizing our plight. I have a couple of friends who voted for Trump, but I bite my tongue when it comes to asking them how they feel now. I love them, but I’m not sure how I’d feel to find out they still support him. bettylouise 31., the second amendment comment. Marilyn Armstrong, your comment about the mail has me concerned. I have my ballot stamped but it’s not mailed. Second thoughts now, though our mail has been fine. angloswiss, hope your day is brighter soon.

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    • They are no longer there. I wait for them to turn yellow, wait a few weeks and then they begin to deteriorate to the extent that I can just pull them out of the ground and dispose of them. No. 1 son usually helps me. Now I just have to wait for the bigger leaved variety to do the same and then I can forget them for a year.

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