Good Morning

I thought I would never get here this morning. What could go wrong can go wrong and I have so much stress. First of all Mr. Swiss had a broken tooth yesterday, phoned the dentist and can go today – at 1.00 pm of all times when we usually eat. I had to work out a new plan. Luckily No. 1 son has today and tomorrow the day off, so lunch will be at around 12.00 which is no problem, although there was a problem. I planned on Spaghetti and realised I would not have time with everything else to cook the sauce. However, I have one ready frozen and that has now nicely thawed out so all I have to do is to heat it.

The second problem was that Paypal tell me my card has expired. I checked it and keep getting the report that it does not work, so come back later. Coming back later did not help. Eventually silly me realised it was an old card which I no longer have. It has now been deleted, so everything back to normal I hope.

The next problem is that today is the day of fresh bed linen. I have started the process and will be completing it after my shower. I have really had enough excitement for today.

At least I managed to get into town yesterday and visit the store for food. I did not really have a lot to get, but I am updating a few other articles I should have bought some time ago. I am gradually getting my kitchen organised and It was time to buy new oven gloves as those that I have are really looking in a sorry condition. Even a wash in the machine would no longer help. Then I realised that my potato peelers were no longer peeling so well, the ones that do a super thin peel, so I bought myself a new one. This time not one of the cheap solutions but one you could easily peel your finger if you do not be careful, but it does the job well. What a boring life I lead, but it is the small things that give you hope I suppose.

Oh and then I had to change computers from Apple to Acer as I suddenly had no connection to my photo supplier. When Midas touched things it turned to gold, my stuff just turns to sh** at the moment.

I was searching for an idea for a salad with the evening cold cuts and decided to make my own beetroot salad. I usually buy them ready made, but as I am not a keen follower of ready made and like to know what is in the food I eat, I found a recipe and tried it. I have a good cutter on a machine I have, so that was not the problem. The recipe said add thin stripes of apple, which was also no problem with my new super peeler. This is how the result looked afterwards, something like a vegetable blood bath, but it tasted good. I like the earthy taste of beetroot and the sauce was a good reciple. I remember when my mum would serve beetroot. She was no cook, and the British idea was just to add vineagar which was not such a delicate experience. My recipe had lemon juice (which I pressed from a fresh lemon) and some oil and spices. There was one small problem, Mr. Swiss is not a follower of beetroot. He eats it, but it is not his favourite. However, No. 1 son and I quite enjoyed it. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices when you want to eat.

And now I will depart and hope that the rest of the day falls into place with no unexpected surprises. Luckily no shopping today, just a normal routine I hope. Mr. Swiss is having a few dental problems at the moment and I really though it was now dealt with, but at the age of 80 I suppose anything could happen.

I will now leave you with a look at Autumn in our town of Solothurn. The leaves are now falling thick and fast and they make a good show in the sunlight. Please no rain, otherwise we have a nice slippery leafy sludge everywhere.

Keep safe, have a good day.

24 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That last photo is so pretty. We used to have a sugar maple tree on our front lawn, and in the fall it would drop its beautiful yellow leaves. I called it a carpet of gold. My husband called it something else……

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  2. Good afternoon, sorry you day has had much stress, have stress feed for the evening. I like beets but seldom cooks as they are so messy. Yesterday I vote as early voting started. The site made it a pleasant time as the workers came out and I was able to vote in my car. The reports are of long lines for early voting. The temperature dropped to 38F./3.3C. and it is sunny and cool out. Nutter says thanks for the hug. She sleeping right now. Stay safe!

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    • Things calmed down in the afternoon. I stayed at home and was glad to have a rest.. I always vote by post in Switzerland. We have a direct democracy so constantly have something to vote for. Our Covid cases in Switzerland are rapidly increasing unfortunately. We seem to have similar weather.

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  3. I used to make beet salad when I had a pressure cooker. I don’t have a pressure cooker anymore because I had one and I never used it. So how do you get the beets ready to make a salad? Do you just boil them? Or do you use a pressure cooker.

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  4. This is – to me, and sorry Pat, a very fine day of your life. Because: life is live, isn’t it…. Love beetroots, in any form, raw, cooked, roasted. I always buy precooked beets, they can be kept for a long time because they are pasteurized and often I’m glad to have a quick fix. I grate them on my Röschtiraffel, add lots of onions, some balsamico (sorry again!) and grape seed oil, some freshly ground pepper and a herb salt…. We eat at least a pound of that salad between the two of us. Try roasting them in a little good olive oil, add some salt flakes – a wonderful healthy and tasty meal. The only downside is the bloody look – but here as elsewhere, the beauty is on the interior!

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    • And I blog on, so it looks like Ii am bearing up. Thanks for the tips for the beetroot. Perhaps even Mr. Swiss might get to like it. I usually get the precooked. I have a good cutter on my machine for them, as well as celery which is another favourite of mine. I find those salads good for in winter when there is not much else around. I must try roasting them fo a change.

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      • Here, it’s all beginning to fall. It looks like golden and orange rain. But most of the oaks are still green, though a few are beginning to turn. They won’t fall until late in November. It is beginning to get chilly at night and the temperature is supposed to drop by 30 degrees tomorrow. The end of summer in autumn?

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