FOWC with Fandango: Labyrinth

London is a Labyrinth
for foreigners the most
I grew up there for twenty years,
Never gave up the ghost
Travelling is so organised, if you go by train
All is hidden in the underground
When choosing the right lane
Mr. Swiss followed me,
I always found the way
I had it in my blood stream
Whether night or day
We began on the district line
Then we changed to the central
One was green, the other red
Mr. Swiss was going mental
He followed me all the way
Not knowing where to go
I think I lost him somewhere at the Bank
But found him again at Bow
I told him it was organised
Just follow and find the end
He found it was so complicated
The circle line one big bend
We eventually got to Kensington
Where the Museums were
It was then he saw the dinosaurs
He was such an amateur
When we got to Aldgate East
He decided to go back home
I suppose the London Subway is a labyrinth
If you have the underground syndrome

FOWC with Fandango: Labyrinth

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