RDP Wednesday: Professional

I was scootering my way home from the stores and when I left the town I saw this gathering of uniformed men with the accompanying various transports. It was the Swiss army doing something that seemed to be just standing around. I immediately made a detour to get a little closer and take a few photos. Unfortunately the path was blocked so I could not get any better photos and only had a view of their backs.

Although here they had turned their heads, I saw they were all masked. I thought they might have camouflaged masks in earthy-forestial colours, but they were all wearing white. I suppose they do not need to hide when masked and covid is everywhere at the moment. This was probably just a sort of exercise, or they had found somewhere to park their various trucks. As they get paid for the job, i suppose they are professional, although they are only working for 3-4 weeks in a year as soldiers. Otherwise they pursue their normal work (perhaps as students, office workers of manual workers). All able bodied Swiss men have to do it, my No. 2 son did it for many years, although he was in the administrative office making sure that the food orders were organised.

RDP Wednesday: Professional

4 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Professional

    • It’s alays a drill. They were probably doing some sort of exercises in our area. The next barracks is not so far, about 20-30 kilometers. I think they are more qualified in catching the virus, e have had a few cases amongst our soldiers.

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        • i am also suspicious about it Ma’am, but we only should pray and do many effort that we can do, and a part of job that we can do, i mean we have to do our own part. I wish it doesn’t spread widely. and i wish all could be handle as quick as possible…

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