RDP Monday: Ruckus

It was not an actual ruckus in town, but it was October Market Day when the stalls are out selling what they have to sell and the people are out having a look to see what is being sold. This young lady in he photo was enjoying a bag of freshly roasted chestnuts which are sold on the market place daily.

There used to be more people meeting and greeting and enjoying the general noise and contact with their friends and perhaps relations,

Today there were few groups. People now tend to avoid each other, the Covid cases are spiralling out of control, even in our little Switzerland. I drove through it all in my scooter, the people making a path for me to pass. I do not mind a ruckus, livens the place up, but today it is almost an eerie situation. You get guilty feelings if you are enjoying yourself.

RDP Monday: Ruckus

9 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Ruckus

  1. Here in most of New England, the mask has become “uniform of the day” to use an old military comparison. it’s gotten strange to see someone without one, and our cases are also growing again.

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    • Unfortunately cases are growing everywhere. Some people wear a mask always and other do not so much. I do have problems with the mask as I cannot focus so well, but I wear it in the stores.


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