12 thoughts on “FOTD 12th October 2020: Tea Berries

  1. Looks like wintergreen to me. Crack open one of the berries and see what it looks and smells like. If it’s a spongy white color and smells like wintergreen, you’ll know. They are edible.

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  2. p.s. I just read at wikipedia that the leaves can be brewed like tea, which is what early settlers used when they had no tea. The berries contain something similar to the ingredient in aspirin and can be used medicinally.

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  3. All correct. It is still used for herbal tea, although ‘real’ tea (such as black tea and green tea) is made from undeveloped leaves of tea camellias. We grew it briefly, but discontinued because the marketability was so limited. I will likely grow it in my own garden. Some of the old stock plants must remain out in the arboretum. It would be easy enough to relocate one or more to my own garden, or just grow a few new copies. I like how it flavors sweetened coffee and all sorts of tea (although I do not often drink tea).

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