RDP Sunday: Juice

The only juice I can oblige with is grape juice, a little enhanced with alcohol.

My daughter-in-law is from the Mosel area of Germany and the juice is grown everywhere on the slopes. Her family are involved in the production of the juice, mainly white wine, having a few vineyards. Here you can see the neat rows of grapevines along the River Mosel. I was there for a few days when my son got married and it was an experience of a lifetime seeing how the whole area lives from the production of this particular juice.

RDP Sunday: Juice


11 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Juice

  1. I prefer my grape “juice” to be white, and Mosel, Riesling, and Gewuerzammer grape “juice” are all just fine to me! I was blessed to be stationed near the Deutsche Weinstrasse when I was in the US Army, and I confess to being especially pleased when I can have a solid Reisling from any of those villages. You are fortunate, I bet, to have family from the Mosel grape “juice” producing region.

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      • Yes! I got to help briefly (one day in 1971) with the vintage in Hunawihr, France, while visiting a friend who was actually employed to do the job. I guess you could say I was slumming it since I certainly wasn’t good at cutting the gr4apes of the vines and transporting them to the carrier who took them down the slope to the trailer with the vats for transport to the crusher. As with most agricultural tasks, it was grim, hard work that had the satisfaction attached of producing something good that people could enjoy later. I actually found a bottle of the very wine produced that year in that vineyard in a liquor store in my town after I returned to the USA, 7880 kilometers away! I bought it, and it was a delicious, spicey Gewuezammar, of course.

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