Good Morning

It is a misty morning today which is probably a result of our damp season. Yesterday morning it was raining, but cleared up during the day and we even had a sunny afternoon and quite a lot warmer.

I decided to take a wheelie in my chair to the local castle. I am lucky to have the choice between my scooter and wheelchair. I prefer to use the scooter for longer journeys into town when I can take my walker with me for the shopping. The wheelchair is easier for sightseeing trips when I take my larger Nikon camera with me. Otherwise I just shoot with my iPhone camera. I caught the corner of the local castle as I was touring around.

It was quite a day for some livestock. Now the weather is cooler they are more in the local fields during the day. Otherwise the farmer was keeping them in the barn and only letting them out through the night when it is now more bearable, and probably less flies. These two seem to be relaxing in the field with the food supply in the background.

The chickens were also taking an afternoon walk at the stables.

And the goat pair seem to be feeling some spring feelings, although it is now Autumn.

And this young lady was having a riding lesson. Her teacher was shouting instructions to her. It is actually a stable for horses and learning to ride, but has so many other animals.

I was away for just over an hour and enjoyed getting a breath of fresh air. The remainder of the day was spent with cooking and a little bit of housework, not forgetting my computer afterwards. I just like to keep busy with something.

I spent the evening with the TV and at last saw the remainder of the Starship Entreprise film I began to watch last week. It was on the BBC film channel 4 and they repeat their films it seems during the month, which is not too bad as I can catch up on what I miss. They also have advertisements in between which I also quite welcome as I can go to the laundry room and see to my washing in between. The Enterprise film was showing how Captain Kirk became the captain of the ship and how the other members of the crew joined, not forgetting Mr. Spock, the guy with the pointed ears. Naturally there was a story behind it all and I was back to my younger days when I would watch the series regularly. Even Mr. Swiss got interested in it yesterday evening without falling asleep in front of the TV.

Afterwards there was a Mission Impossible film with Tom Cruise. It was a real action film, something about diamonds and Tom Cruise performing impossible feats like climbing down a skyscraper. I don’t know why I was watching such rubbish, it was a real insult to the intelligence. Anyhow I am sure the evening entertainment of a golden oldie is not of very much interest.

This morning I was busy watering my orchids and now I should really move on to the daily routine. It will not be an action day, but I do have a few little jobs I want to deal with like baking something with apples and placing a monthly online order with my grocery supplier.

Have a good relaxing Sunday everyone.

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, it rained all day yesterday and it is partly cloudy this morning but no smoke. I was cold last and I am glad for my heated blanket as it helps the ache from my bones Nutter is getting us for our life and we are learning to know. Have a great evening and enjoy your TV movie. stay safe!

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  2. We’ve been re-watching Boston Legal which was on during the early 2000s and which we (mostly) missed. What’s eery is how accurately the predicted the world we are seeing today. I think after this we’ll go back and watch West Wing again. It reminds me that once upon a time, we had a government of which we could occasionally feel proud.

    Goats are great. They are also much smarter than other barnyard critters.

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    • I seemed to have missed this comment. The world is no longer how it was. If only e had appreciated it more.I get funny end of the world feelings now and again. Everything seems to be going wrong at the moment. We have such a small government for such a small country, they area almost our next door neighbours, but we also have our problems, although more on an insider basis.
      Goats are OK, They smell more than the others I find.


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