Good Morning

After two sunny warmer days the rain has returned, although today I have not really planned any escapades with the scooter, so I do not mind. I am still on the finishing touches of organising my kitchen cupboards. I had far too much junk occupying space which could be used for a better purpose- I am quite pleased with my efforts, although Mr. Swiss is having small problems finding things. On the other hand I have found things that he had been missing for some time. I now have a collection of brochures belonging to various kitchen appliances which are very useful. I found an egg cooker for 6 eggs that I bought a couple of years ago, and even a small expresso maker for two cups of coffee in perfect condition.

I stopped hugging the bed this morning and was making my way to the kitchen when the door bell rung. Actually it rang twice because I was a little slow on opening, but it was not the postman. It was the post lady delivering three large cool boxes with three months supply of my MS medicine which I had ordered. I have a small refrigerator especially for storing it, so was busy as my first task of the day sorting it all so that I could return the boxes with the post lady. Otherwise she would have to pay a second visit on Monday to pick them up.

With all this hustle and bustle I am a little late, but I am not going anywhere so what’s the problem. I was also busy yesterday registering for membership to one of our large supermarket chains. I used to belong but after paying a visit this week I discovered they do have a good selection of groceries and are almost next door to my usual store so I have rejoined. They have improved their membership and I get quite a few perks with their point system. Since no longer having a car I do my main shopping in the local town and have had to change my routine stores a little. I used to shop in one of the main supermarkets in a village just outside of town where they had everything. Our town store had been reduced in its importance and I was a little disappointed as they did not stock so much. However, I have now discovered the other store, so will be splitting my shopping.

Yesterday I did not go so far, just along the road to the new store. which in some aspects is better than the town store and I managed to get everything I needed. I just do not have such a choice of scenery for photos, although this tree is enormous – one of the few growing next to the road.

And look who arrived at my porch window this morning.

It is becoming a habit. He knows I have feline tit bits and I have a bad conscience if I do not give him a few in the morning.

I spent the evening watching one of my favourite programmes, Gardeners world. It really covers well the things you would plant in you own little garden. One contribution was quite interesting from the lady in charge of the orchid deparment in Kew Gardens, the biggest show garden in London. They have a wonderful display and not only those that we can buy in our local supermarkets.

And now to move on, I have wasted enough time this morning with this and that and I now want some action. If the rain stops this afternoon I might chance an excursion to the village surroundings.

Enjoy the week-end and may it be a good one. Wrap up warm, temperatures are no longer as warm as they were. and keep your distance. Not everyone is so lucky as to be able to take the newest developments in the anti covid drugs, that is only reserved for the important members of society it seems.

20 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That cat has such an appealing face, how could you say no to it? I thought of you this week, as part of our spring celebrations this month a local chemist sponsored a gopher race. I could quite imagine you participating in that event. or at least going along to watch. Unfortunately I could not go to town that day. I would love to have seen it but it sounds like it is a yearly event so maybe next year.

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  2. This cat has an owner, doesn’t it? You should check with them, if he can have snacks – he might be diabetic or allergic or so, better to know. A one time snack will do no harm, but if it becomes a habit, you should try and check.

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  3. Good afternoon, we are expecting a strong winter storm with rain the valley and snow above 5,000 ft. That should take care of the fires still burning. You new cat friend is adorable and I can the longing in his face. Have awesome evening and stay safe.

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  4. Kitty looks well cared for, and experienced in getting people to share goodies!
    With Covid 19 swinging through again it’s great to get our medication supplies laid in now. It’s always scary when supplies are low.

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    • I think all the neighbours are feeding Kitty when she comes calling. I was glad to get three months supply of my medicine this morning. They cut it down to two months because of Covid. At the moment we have a bit of a shortage i Switzerland for flu jabs.


  5. That is one cute kitty! The Duke finally found a place to sleep on the bed that doesn’t bother me OR Garry. He’s been planning this move for weeks and finally found the right spot. I think that little kitty looks like she is in love with you 🙂

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  6. Good Day!
    The tree looks like a big ginkgo with English ivy climbing in it. During my internship in 1988, we cut down many ginkgos that were street trees in San Jose, because their messy fruit smelled so awful. Nowadays, all ginkgos (cultivars) are fruitless males.

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