Good Morning

Looks good, but who knows, altough for a change no rain for today according to the weather prophets. A good cloudy sky with plenty of blue in between. Yesteday was a bad day for going places, but i really had to get to the store in town. It was not so bad, but no point in wating for the rain to stop, although in between in did make a pause. I arrived a bit wet, but not too bad. It was on and off all afternoon-

This one was also still hanging around this morning, shining quite brightly. I think he had an arrangement to catch some light from the sun before it decided to travel to the other side of the world.

I did manage a couple of photos yesterday in town, mainly of people walking around with their umbrellas. It was really an ideal day for Noah to build his ark.

The side streets were empty the rain reflecting on the cobble stones. Lights on everywhere and this was mid afternoon. I was glad to arrive home, although that was a good journey as it had stopped raining in the meanwhile.

I then had to deal with a chore that had cropped up. The neon light in our parking space in the garage had been giving up the ghost for some time, so I had to call the building administration to get it fixed, as that is a space belonging to everyone and it is their job. What an exciting life I lead.

I am not sure what today will bring. I might hop off into town this afternoon, altough no great tasks to deal with. It is a rain free day it seems, so I will make the most of it. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

I ordered myself a food cutter yesterday. My old one was integrated in a machine I once had, but that went kaput a few years ago and now I really miss it. It will be handy for chopping my herbs in the garden, and also milling almonds for in a cake recipe. The cut almonds you buy are milled with the skins on which are not as good as when they are peeled. I can now mill my own skinless almonds. It will be useful for many jobs in the kitchen. I should have organised a new one some time ago. I ordered it about 4.00 am in the morning in a sleepless few minutes whilst still hugging the bed on my iPad. Amazing what modern day life has for opportunities.

And now to get down to some serious work like organising my home. I cannot sit on the computer all day.

And look who turned up a few minutes ago. He came to pick up the breakfast snacks that I usually have ready. He has to work for them. I toss them outside and then the search begins, but he or she finds them all. I must really ask the lady the cat owns if he or she has a name.

Have a good one everyone, whether still hugging the bed or awake and ready to go. It seems that Mr.Trump now has discovered a miracle cure for his Covid, being one of the few that can try this new medicine and is feeling fine, ready to become the chief again and sitting in his oval office munching hamburgers. If only we all were so brave as he is (am being sarcastic of course).

See you around

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We’re obviously swapping weather. Yesterday was good enough here that I was able to mow the lawn (possibly for the last time this year), but today, I could hear the rain from my bed. Actually, being able to mow the lawn is a good sign of recovery – I mowed it all in one go yesterday where before, it has required 2 or 3 breaks,

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    • It was a wonderful sunny warm day today and I really enjoyed getting out. We no longer have a lawn, all replaced with raised beds and stones. We are both now passed the age of mowing lawns and I have a gardener to cut the hedges. Glad that you managed to do it. It is one of the perks we need in daily life, almost like making a cake for me.


  2. Good morning … great pictures. Sounds like you are planning to have a great day. It was very warm here yesterday, not going to be so warm today. The seasons are changing. SLP ….

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    • It was a lovely day today and I was glad to go for a scooter ride in town in the sun. I really enjoyed it, especially as I did not really have a lot to get in the store, just enjoying town.


  3. Good afternoon, you have been busy and seniors need to find things to do and it is not easy. We can’t even get together for morning coffee or pot luck. Only one person in the elevator. Speaking of cats we added another one yesterday. Her name is Nutter and she has lived in one home all her life. We saw her mother. Right now she is scared. She and is a tabby and looks like butter hence her. Our politics is a disgraced when the news media only mention a fly on the vice president head. Have a pleasant afternoon and enjoy you TV.

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    • I like to keep myself busy with something. This morning I continued tidying my kitchen cupbards and found a few instruments I thought I had lost. I also live a fairly quiet life with Mr Swiss and my son, although sometimes I have a chance meeting with a neighbour. I will probably never have another cat, unless one stumbles into my home homeless, but I do not think that will happen. I now enjoy the visits of the neighbourhood cats. I saw the fly on his head and of course the news made a lot of it. We had a lovel sunny day today and quite a lot warmer.

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  4. Good Day!
    What a pretty kitty. Darla, the semi-feral kitty who lives out back, is monochromatic gray. She is quite pretty too, but not at all social. She merely tolerates me because I put her food out. Although I dislike kitties in the house, and was none too keen on her attitude about living here, I would rather prefer her to live inside before winter. There is plenty of roof space out there for her to stay dry, but I do not want her to be cold.

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      • Los Gatos is named after them (bobcats actually), so I can not be too harsh on them; but when my Pa lived in Montara, and still worked, he acquired several kitties from families who relocated. By the time he relocated, there were eighteen kitties, including two litters of kittens that arrived at the same time.

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