Good Morning

Let us see what I have here to show today – not very much and yesterday I spent the day in isolation, going nowhere in particular and thus not seeing very much. Of course I managed to snap the sky this morning, but the sun has not yet arrived and is still hiding somewhere behind the clouds. We have enough clouds but at least they have contours in between, so it is not the dull heavy weight over our heads.

One of my first actions this morning was to go down to the communal garage as I hung my scooter battery on the electricity yesterday evening to charge up and I had to detach it as it is now fully charged. It is amazing the action in the garage so early in the morning. I thought I would be alone, but the work brigade were already beginning to give the first power to their cars, leaving the garage and going to their various work places. My neighbour gave me a cheery good morning greeting and he was gone. My work was also completed so I returned to the apartment to get some breakfast and generally start the day normally.

I was not just sitting around yesterday, or even reading a book. I baked my first Swiss apple tart of the Autumn and here it is fresh out of the oven still enshrouded in its paper in the baking tin. It was well accepted by Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son. I quite enjoyed making it as I am in a baking phase at the moment. I am now planning on the next cake for the week-end. I think it will be something with pineapple.

Actually I have been busy lately re-organising my kitchen. The local store chain had a special offer of airtight boxes in various sizes for storing food and they are ideal. I now have all food items packed in these boxes and I am am quite pleased with the result. I now have more room in my cupboards and find everything quicker. Mr. Swiss is not so happy about opening a box if he wants something to munch in between, he is a man, and they like everything to be ready and in a box – no comment. Whilst I should have been sleeping early this morning I was planning a few other cupboards in the kitchen. I realised I have so much wasted space and with a little logistic organisation, everything would be an improvement. I now have to see if I can fit my two toasters together in a cupboard. Now I am in action, but it will have to wait. I have a little organising to do in the apartment first of all.

The new cat in town (actually not so new, about a year) now realises that there is something to be had at my place. He is the first visitor in the morning and waits patiently outside for his first tit bits of the day. Yesterday he returned in the evening and Mr. Swiss decided he also wanted to give him some feline delights. This was wrong as when Mr. Swiss left him he still wanted more and I had a meowing cat outside. He even jumped up to try and reach the window grip. I stayed hard and eventually he gave up.

And now to move on. Although rain showers were still prophesied for today, I think it may stay under control meaning I might be able to get into town this afternoon. I was going locally, but there is a little more action in town.

Have a good day, make the most of it, and keep your mask on where necessary. Not everyone lives in a presidential palace and can allow themselves to throw caution to the wind.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, it is cooler out this morning, the smoke just rolled in, there no smoke when it i woke up. The kitty seems to have chosen you. WordPress drove me ‘NUTS’ last night when the photos I wanted are at the bottom of my media library. It was good to learn you have something to keep you busy. you can send a piece of the apple over any time. It looks delicious. I have never seen the interest voting as this election. The day is November 3rd and this very important day for the world. Stay Safe in this evening

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    • A very rainy day, so I had no choice but to go into town and get wet, although now I am at home again the rain has stopped – typical. Thie cat appears constantly in my garden. I have my photos on my computer and otherwise in Google and flickr. There is still some apple pie left and now I have the whipped cream to go with it. We are all interested in the result of the election. It seems that Mr. Trump is convinced he will win again

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      • He is behind in the polls I have seems January . He is now he won’t if he loses. The term starts sometime. He will have a lot of time to wreck our intrasurture. He is added now, doing everything to messed up the voting to get a no show of the election. The white surpremists are already doing this in 3 major areas. This how Hitler got control of Germany. Prays for us and the world.

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  2. I also have everything in plastic locked containers, but since I decided to start baking again, there’s also no room for anything. i’ve got so much flour and yeast and burgul and cornmeal I have to constantly move things to actually roll out the dough. But I did get the pretzels right tonight, finally.

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    • If I need pastry I usually buy it ready made and rolled. I am more into cakes with all the ingredients. I am really sorting my kitchen out and have discovered I have so many objects I do not need and am gradually throwing them out to create space. I have really discovered my love of cooking again.


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