RDP Monday: Handle

I was a beginner when I realised that my legs no longer wanted to attach themselves to my feet when moving. This was before I joined the ministry of silly walks. I needed a cane, a stick, something to guide me through life without stumbling on the way. Of course, not any stick. I had a look in the various stick shops in our area which were mostly there for the mountain climbers. They were not suitable for a walk along the river bank or in the woods. There were also various choices for the oldies, not even golden oldies, but already platinum. They were all in brown, dark and boring.

I have to have some sort of walking support, and the first step is a stick, but what to do. Online of course. I dived into the computer and discover a web site for your walking stick in various versions and colours. The choice was great with all colours and sizes I decided on a telescopic stick that I could adjust to various sizes. Who knows, perhaps I might shrink in age.

Colours? They had everything in all rainbow colours and the patterns were great. I now had the agony of choice, but it hit me in the eye when I saw it, although my second choice was one in a scottish tartan design. It was love at first sight, something straight from the rain forest . The handle had a gold band around it and for a small extra cost, I had my name put on it.

I decided if you have to have a stick, then even more so.

RDP Monday: Handle

7 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Handle

    • I had to search for something special sand found it on line. Our stores have very plain ones. Today I rely more on my Walker, but have a stick holder on it, as well as on my electric wheelchair. You see less and less canes today as you have a better balance with the Walker.


  1. This cane looks beautiful! Here in Somali, Cane is used utterly for a different purpose. It’s literally for being cool and smart to walk with! I don’t know why but it has a less to do with supporting people walk normally. Amazing how a thing of life becomes a sign of being cool for some!


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