Good Morning

I have two morning photos. That is nothing really new, there are two sides to my home and I always have a look at both of them. The photo shows the East Side, which is always the side where the sun arrives first. I was a little disappointed to see some dismal still hanging around, although there is a bright glow further towards the East. I did not want this so decided to try and cheer myself up by taking a walk to the other window on the West side where my morning blogging happens. And what did I see.

Yes, signs of blue and now, half an hour later, even the sun has appeared, so what could be better. Come on East side, show yourself from your better angle. It might, most probably, be rain free today and I will be all set for a shopping store journey with my trusty scooter.

I did escape yesterday with my wheelchair as it is easier to manoeuvre on the narrower paths and ventured into the wilds surround our village. The first thing I noticed as I wheeled through the neighbouring path next to my garden, was that there were still a few apples hanging on my tree. These two had intentionally been left hanging as they were no longer so inviting for a bite. However when I got home I picked the remaining apples, together with Mr. Swiss, and we found another 20 apples that had escaped It looks like I will be baking apple pies until when the next spring arrives.

I journeyed up to the local farm across the main road to see what the chickens were doing. There were a few hanging around and this one decided to have his portrait done by my camera. The normal average chickens are kept in the own two houses with attached garden in the lower fields, but the special chicks, the so-called silkies with the punk feathers, live in the grounds of the farm house. I always have a wheel around to see what they are doing. There was no rooster around. I think he was having his afternoon rest.

There were also a few ducks. I just love watching animal life at the local farm.

Even the pony was outside having a graze on the grass. What a wonderful world I live in. It did not really rain, although there were a few stray drops in the air.

I notice there are still some WordPress disciples that are still having problems with the new so-called Gutenberg version when writing their blogs. I must admit at first it was a shock to my well organised blogging system change, but I decided to go for it as one day there will no longer be a choice. I just wrote as always and searched for the parts to organise photos. In the meanwhile I have even managed to include videos from YouTube and HTML links without a problem. Like many phases in computer organisation, you just have to get used to it. I did try at the beginning to remain with the old system, but it works less well as time goes by and it seems the old one now does not work at all.

Perhaps the word “block” was wrongly chosen. I am no expert, but I found if your substitute that word for “paragraph” it boils down to the same thing. I just write as usual. My paragraphs are now outlined by a square outline, but that is only superfluous for me. If I need to embellish my post with images or other fancy stuff I just pick them from the block choices. Perhaps it is easier for me as I always tended to rely on HTML to solve any problems, which was the result of once doing a web assistant course, but I am managing OK up to now.

I have discovered that life is full of changes and you just have to adapt. Perhaps I am still influenced by my dear old dad who refused to change his life style to new things. He did not want a microwave, but had to have one when he moved to his sheltered accommodation. I could never persuade him to open a bank account, so he remained with cash drawn from his pension money until the end which was a bit complicated. I am now determined to integrate all new developments in my life, although perhaps one day I will also be pushing a brick wall that may tumble.

And now to move on to my newly developing modern life full of novelties. Unfortunately I still have to apply the iron to my freshly washed bed linen, but no problem. I have a new iron, although that still needs elbow grease to use it.

My advice: none really, every golden oldie has to find their own way to make life easier, but do not be afraid. Your computers and household appliances will not explode just by looking at them and there is always a telephone to request help from somewhere, although I must admit that some of the delivered instructions seem to be translated by persons not so good in the english language.

Stay safe everyone, life is not easy, but we can conquer the problems eventually. Otherwise just hug the bed a little longer, it might help.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Up to now I have no problems with the photos. Perhaps it depends where you have them I have them both in flickr and Google and it has worked well up to now. I do not even think I remember how classic works.


  1. Good afternoon, one senior is dismay when she loses her mind and commits an error that she knew was wrong. I lost my post because hit the wrong button. Changes are a way of life and I don’t expect life will be the same after the end of the pandemic and another major change was after World War 2, especially for women Have a good ride this afternoon and pleasant evening.

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    • After goings pandemic I realise now what my mother went through after the war. So many changes to daily life. A computer mistake happens to all of us. I was glad to get my shopping done and return home.

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