Good Morning

The first think I see when I stop hugging the bed is generally the sky. I like to have a look, usually take a photo, to have an idea of what the weather will do today. This morning I took one look, saw the usual grey lid of nothingness and decided it was really not worth a photo. I went to the kitchen for the normal morning routine, entered the porch and the first thing I saw looking down was this wonderful example of a brown marmorated stinkbug. I decided at least he was interesting and he was sitting outside, so what could possible go wrong if I took a photo. I do not see them very often, just now and again, and he did not smell, at least not when I took the photo.

Otherwise yesterday was a day when I stayed at home. It did not rain, although it was forecasted, but it was unfriendly weather. I did not have to go anywhere, shopping is today,

Before I go any further, there are two birthdays today. The most important one is No. 1 son who has now reached the stately age of 51. How time flies, I can still remember driving to the clinic with Mr. Swiss at 1.00 early in the morning when he decided to make his first appearance. The second birthday is not so important, although my No. 1 son decided to arrive on the day of our town’s patron saint, St. Urs, whose fountain you can see on the photo. St. Urs is always mentioned with another guy, St. Viktor, but I do not really know the complete story. Anyhow today is St. Urs Day, but my son was not named after him. Urs is a bit difficult for a Brit to prounouce correctly. It used to be a town holiday, and if you worked in town in one of the shops or for the local government office, you had the day off and the shops were closed. This is no longer. It has become a normal day for all – no more holiday.

I was having a look around in the garden yesterday and saw my apple cemetery. These are the ones that did not make it and fell off the tree to be attacked by various lumps and bumps and hungry insects. I have left them where they fell as I am sure somewhere a bug will be happy.

The garden is beginning to look a little sad now with this colder weather. The sedum as collapsed to the ground leaving one staunch stalk, the last man standing.

The orchids are now in their Winter quarters on the cat ladder I once organised for my cats. They still have enough daylight and I hope they survive the winer months and return next year with some new flower stalks.

Today a sunny day was predicted so I am hoping at least it will not rain as I am off shopping this afternoon. No. 2 son and his family are paying a visit next Sunday so I am organising for the visit. Otherwise a stressless day I hope. May you all also have a relaxed day so stay cool. See you around some time later.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, I like your orchid stand. Today is a shopping day for us. The shopping is done when our foods are low. I like to have six month of food on hand. It has long been a habit. Have a fun in town today and stress fee evening. Happy birthday to you #1 son.

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  2. Our beautiful foliage ended last night with the wind and the rain. I’m not surprised. It probably would have managed the rain, but the wind just blew them down. Glad we took pictures before they all fell. The temperature has dropped a lot too and it’s gotten pretty chilly. I actually bought some clothing — on sale — that I probably don’t really need because we don’t really go anywhere anymore, but I was looking at old pictures of me and I realized I’m wearing exactly the same clothing in pictures from five different years. So I got a new pair of jeans, a sweater, and a long navy skirt. Now, if only I can find a pair of black boots in my size. I always wait until too late and they are always out of my size. I don’t know why it matters. I feel like we will be quarantined forever and we’ll never go anywhere ever again.

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    • I was only thinking this week that it must be a couple of years since I bought something new to wear. I have a good stock of clothes and they still fit. I don’t lose weight and am not gaining. I don’t even know what the fashion is. It is now time to think about wearing my winter jacket. When I go anywhere i am sitting in my scooter or hobbling along with my Walker. Our trees are still bearing their leaves, although they are beginning to fall now. Just don’t let it rain and i am happy.


  3. Goodness, your son is not much more than two years younger than I am. I forget about that. My birthday happened to be the first day of the Newark Riots in New Jersey (on the opposite side of the continent). Ironically, it was also during the Summer of Love.

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  4. You are quite a youngster. I was 22 years old when I became a mother for the first time. I also have two step children that are almost sixty years old. My birthday is on 6th December, St. Nicholas Day which is a children’s festival in our part of the world.


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