RDP Tuesday: Tax

We all pay taxes unless our name is Trump
He is the boss, so we really musn’t grump
Frustration is the name when I pour over the forms
A pile of documents to examine, they are the usual norms
But Trump has a folder called the garbage can
The best way of doing it, what a brilliant man
He tears and rips and even lights a fire
No taxes he pays, a very live wire
He is a happy man, and does not have to vent
At the end of it all he might still be president.

RDP Tuesday: Tax

12 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Tax

        • By now, you know it was a “debate”, a performance of shameful ranting, signals to a dangerous right wing group that immediately turned Trump’s call to rally into a badge, and behavior so disrespectful it even topped Trump’s previous worst.

          My cat, Andy, usually spends his time resting or playing next to me. The “debate” barely started, with Trump yelling over Biden’s first response, making a total ass of himself, when Andy had enough. He got up, and left the room until the “debate” was over!

          By coincidence, I received my mail-in ballot in the mail on debate day. I completed it and prepared it to mail moments before the debate. While the debate didn’t change my decision for president, it did validate the choice I made: Joe Biden. Pray, sacrifice a goat, call in the voodoo priestess to kill a chicken, but please hope that more Americans than not toss out this bizarre fellow and buy him a ticket to Moscow where he can sit at his master’s feet and fawn over him.

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          • Well said.
            I only got around to hearing the debate today. Being in Switzerland you have to go and find it on the computer. What I heard did not surprise me. It is not my country, but it affects the rest of the world according to who wins. Voting by mail is something we have been doing for the last years.

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          • I’ve voted by mail for years because of physical disabilities, but my state now allows mail voting without having to have a stated reason. I prefer it myself. I feel less stressed knowing I’ve done my civic duty.

            You are right that this election has far-reaching affects. I’m reminded of my late Dutch friend Elbert who said everyone in the world should have a vote on who is the US President because everyone in the world has to live with the results of our elections.

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          • My dogs knew I was upset and sad. Bear (giant breed dog) crawled up onto my lap and Teddy (mini-Aussie) jumped up on the couch and put his head on my shoulder. DJT is an inhuman SOB who hits below the belt. Our ballots don’t arrive until two weeks from now but I will drive mine to the County Clerk when it’s filled out. All mail-in voting in Colorado.

            Moscow is too good for this POS.

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          • I agree. While prison is a better destination, it seems unlikely for a former president, even the worst one ever. If he slipped away in the night – even using Air Force 1! – he’d save us all a lot of grief.

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          • Martha, I feel exactly the same. To wish anyone what I wish for him goes totally against every moral fiber of my being, and I pray for a cleaner solution – he gets voted out in a landslide!

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