FOWC with Fandango: Ensconced

It looks so cozy and a above all safe: a plant, a jar perhaps containing biscuits, and a camera on the nice table. Outside the bird house waiting for the first visitors of Winter, must remember to buy bird seeds. And a walker ready for me or Mr. Swiss when we need it.

I was just listening to the news and that does not seem so safe. Where are we going with this covid pandemic? No-one seems to know. We are all walking around as if we were bank robbers with our masks. We avoid getting closer to other people and you can even get a fine for not following the rules. World governments are doing all they can, but to no great avail. mos of our politicians seem to be walking around in circles. I have seen many films showing the end of the world, but never one involving a pandemic and I hope I never will.

So here I am sitting in my own little world, heated because it is now getting colder outside, and writing all about it. I am living the history of the world. What will my descendants say about this one day.

FOWC with Fandango: Ensconced

RDP Tuesday: Tax

We all pay taxes unless our name is Trump
He is the boss, so we really musn’t grump
Frustration is the name when I pour over the forms
A pile of documents to examine, they are the usual norms
But Trump has a folder called the garbage can
The best way of doing it, what a brilliant man
He tears and rips and even lights a fire
No taxes he pays, a very live wire
He is a happy man, and does not have to vent
At the end of it all he might still be president.

RDP Tuesday: Tax

Good Morning

And now I am here, after a busy morning. The cleaning lady is here and so my routine is a little different. While she is busy putting things in order in my shower and bathroom, I am usually busy polishing up my windows. As I do one set once a week they never give a lot to do. This week the living room and kitchen had their turn with window cleaning. It’s raining again, although yesterday the weather behaved.

I made the most of the weather and scootered off into town after lunch. There were a few heavy clouds hanging around, but nothing drastic and above all it was dry. I approached the store via our main square just outside of the town walls.

The usual musician was somewhere in town. Yesterday it was a harpist and I must say he played quite well. Makes a change with some soft gentle music. It seems that everyone that has a music instrument plays it on the street in town, but they have to get police permission to do it, although that is just a formality.

I just had to take a photo of this wonderful majestic dog. Am not quite sure what it is, could be a huskie perhaps. Some dogs leave a lasting impression when you see them.

Today I received a parcel from the post, and he did not even bother to ring. Actually since covid we have parcels every day in the entrance to our block. Everyone buys online. I now have a new water heater. I think the other one was no longer doing the job it should. It was heating the water with no problem, but the indicator for the water filter was no longer working and it was an older model. The new one now works perfectly. Since my new life of semi isolation I have time to do things I have meaning to do for some time. I also got myself a new iron, which is one of the reasons I wanted a new water heater to keep the calcium out of the iron.

It is raining again, a constant drizzle: nothing too bad but not so encouraging to go places and see things. I have decided to have a relaxing day today and make myself comfortable with a book, although probably I will find something to get busy with. Tomorrow is predicted to be a sunny day so let us hope.

Enjoy the day everyone or sleep well, whatever is relevant. I have dinner already cooking, so everything under control.