RDP Sunday: Unertuperturbed

Am I unperturbed? I was until I saw that little icon on my iPhone telling me that yet another update had appeared on the Apple horizon. It is a chain reaction because if the iPhone has it, then the iPad will get it. Thank goodness they are the only iThings I have. So iPhone is still doing the necessary, and iPad is on its way. What will the update bring? Probably I will never know, they are things that they do to annoy us, I am sure. In the meanwhile iPhone is finished, but iPad is still working it out.

And now to return to my peaceful Sunday afternoon. The iSky has cleared a little, no great sunny spell, but at least an unperturbed nice patch of blue with some fluffy clouds.

RDP Sunday:Unperturbed

13 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Unertuperturbed

  1. I had an ipad and an iphone years ago. I got a mac computer and apple had me pinned in the corner, I couldn’t do anything without their permission. I changed to a Samsung phone. Needless to say I only have my itunes music, which I forked a wad of cash into over the years, on my mac. Apple kindof isucks!

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  2. I am anti-apple. Not for any huge political reason, just that nearly everyone had them to begin with and I wanted to be different. I didn’t use Nokias in the noughties either for the same reason. But I do love my Samsung phone. 🙂

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    • It’s the same with all the new appliances. We have a guy that helps us with our computers. When I got my new Acer computer a few years ago, he did it all for me. I didn’t bother, far too complicated,

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