FOWC with Fandango: Antipathy

I hate the rain, because it is wet
I have become a defenceless subject
It really is not a very good boon
When our country has the weekly monsoon
Webbing is growing on my finger
If the rain does not stop I am sure it will linger
My bones are complaining, they are getting quite rusty
When the wind blows it becomes very gusty
So I stay and home and bake a cake
At least I can eat it in my coffee break

FOWC with Fandangp: Antipathy

RDP Sunday: Unertuperturbed

Am I unperturbed? I was until I saw that little icon on my iPhone telling me that yet another update had appeared on the Apple horizon. It is a chain reaction because if the iPhone has it, then the iPad will get it. Thank goodness they are the only iThings I have. So iPhone is still doing the necessary, and iPad is on its way. What will the update bring? Probably I will never know, they are things that they do to annoy us, I am sure. In the meanwhile iPhone is finished, but iPad is still working it out.

And now to return to my peaceful Sunday afternoon. The iSky has cleared a little, no great sunny spell, but at least an unperturbed nice patch of blue with some fluffy clouds.

RDP Sunday:Unperturbed

Good Morning

Where does the time go? Until I actually sit down at the table, eat breakfast and begin to write an hour has already disappeared. First of all take a photo of what the day has ahead in the sky. This morning we actually had a horizon with something bright, although I no longer trust this phenomenon. It can be an optical illusion to put us at rest looking forward to perhaps a brighter day, only to disappear in a few minutes.

Rain? Oh yes, again and again. Yesterday the weather really played a game with me. Mornings make no difference to me. Usually I do not go anywhere and tend to the indoor world. However, afternoons are the time for adventure, fighting my way through the store and buying survival provisions. Although the spice has gone somewhat. The stores are half empty, plenty of time to buy. Covid has taken care of the rest and most people seem to be in isolation or buying online.

It stopped raining in the afternoon. I decided it was now time to wear warmer clothing. For shorts and a t-shirt it was really now a liitle too cool. Should I now wear my Winter jacket or could I just chance it with a warmer rain jacket and then it began to rain? Now the choice was whether to go shopping on my scooter, exposed to the climate, or take the local train. Perhaps it might stop raining and it did. It was just a short shower of rain, but would it return as soon as I entered the outside world? I took a chance, saddled the scooter and made my way to town and it really did not rain. There was a strong wind blowing, so my usual speed of 10 kph was increased to even 12 kph as I had the wind in my back, what could be better.

I arrived in town, parked my scooter, removed my walker from it and entered the store. As I did not have very much to get I decided I would not need my collectors, that bring the shopping home for me, and packed it all in my shopping bag. However, it was a little too much for my basket attachment on the scooter, but I could put the bag on the floor of the scooter and wedge it between my feet, no problem. As I left the store it began to rain again but it stopped after a few minutes. This seemed to be the daily rain pattern. I decided not to trust the weather and broke all speed records on my way home. The streets were empty so I had nothing to stop me.

I noticed one brave musician in town playing and singing to his guitar. He is a sort of family acquaintance, my son knows him as well and he has got to know me through the photos I take. Once I even had a sing along with him as he played one of the old songs. It was then he stopped singing and let me take over, so I then also stopped. Old ladies do not sing in the street, at least not for just the fun of it. He plays in a local band now and again and just does the street thing as a bit of a hobby.

I eventually arrived home. It was as if the weather had waited for me to arrive safely as after a few minutes at home the heavens opened and it began to pour and did not stop again until some time during the night.

It was a pleasant evening with a chicken evening meal. I even managed to find some time for my book on kindle. The weather is really getting colder now and my excursions into town will probably be fewer during the Winter according to thr weather situation. Anyhow today is Sunday and nothing spectacular is planned. The weather is again playing tricks: a little bit of sun, little bit of rain and plenty of wind. Today I intend to do almost nothing: bake a cake and watch the clouds go by if we have any.

The neighbour’s cat also turned up this morning waiting for his feline snacks. He looks at me with his pleading eyes and I cannot resist.

I hope your Sunday will be a good one, nice and relaxed and a big thankyou for those that must work on a Sunday for the comfort of us all, may it be in a restaurant or for transport. I will now go and bake a cake I think.