RDP Saturday: Darkness

I was reminded of a film from 1967 where Audrey Hepburn played the role of a blind woman. Somehow she unknowingly had a doll stuffed with drugs and the the showdown was at the end of the film where the gangsters broke into her appartment (she was alone at home) for the drugs. She could cope with darkness through her other senses but the crooks could not. I remember the closing scene where where she plunged her home completely in darkness, breaking all the lights to keep ahead. I found this trailer showing part of the film.

It was many years ago, but the scene quite impressed me at the time.

RDP Saturday: Darkness

11 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Darkness

  1. The fine hairs on my arm are standing up to full attention, after only viewing the trailer. Couldn’t EVER watch a film like that. Excellent post on DARKNESS.

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    • It was a very good film. Even Efrem Zimbalist Jr. had a part in it, he played Audrey Hempburn’s husband. He was away on a business trip If I remember rightly. It was so long ago.

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  2. I used to teach media, and always had my students watching trailers as class assignments. A good trailer had to choose really telling clips to get people to buy into the story, and want to see the movie. These days it’s all action clips and loud noises; no storytelling involved – just loud noises and blurry action shots. Thanks for posting a really relevant item with great storytelling, dramatic score, and a talented actress.

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    • Very interesting. The older films certainly had more depth and you can watch them again and again. Films today go more for effects, although now and again something interesting might appear on the screen.


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