Good Morning

At least we have a blue sky this morning, although am not sure if it is here to stay. Otherwise everything went wrong that could go wrong computer wise. I fired up my Apple as usual and discovered that yesterday I did not really finish it properly. No problem it still had enough power but I plugged in to be sure. And then the mouse battery had given up its life, although it was due and lasted for some time. I changed the battery and it was still not working, no reaction. In my bleary eyed state of leaving the bed I was still half asleep and when I checked had put the battery in the mouse the wrong side up, + was at -. After correcting that I was ready to go but Apple told me I had an update. Apple gave me a choice to do it now or later. Silly me said now, so almost another half an hour lost. However, I have a second computer, my acer. Not apple minded but works perfectly. My next movement was to install it. In the meanwhile Apple was now updating in the living room/dining room corner and I am now on my Acer in the kitchen.

To save a little more time I chopped my beef gulash pieces to a good size ready for cooking for my hungarian goulash dinner and submerged a couple of orchids in their water bath with fertiliser. Now the fertiliser is empty, so will do the remainder this afternoon after my shopping trip.

At least I hope to have a shopping trip into town this afternoon: nothing big time just a look around and a few bits and pieces I did not get yesterday, although I could survive without going. The problem at the moment is that we seem to be having a mini monsoon season and it is a case of dodging the rain in between. Yesterday afternoon I managed to get to the most local supermarket, just 5 minutes by scooter. There was a little rain in the air, but it stopped on my way and when I left the store it was still not raining. That is why only local photos from the main road today and no town or country photos.

I was home earlier after the tour of the shop and was very lucky because as I entered the garage on my scooter it began to pour down. Mr. Swiss was happy to see me so soon, and then I realised I had not bought butter. I need butter as a support for my cooking. Unless I use my new air fryer where the food usually needs a spoonful of oil, I fry everything in butter, add it to my veg and of course spread it on my breakfast. No substitutes for me.

Luckily No. 1 son had only just left, so Mr. Swiss called him on his mobile phone. As usual it was not on receiving, so a message was left to call back which he did immediately. The day was saved for me as I did not have to go shopping again and he brought the butter as organised.

Today I have a plan to bake a cake, a real cake and not the small muffins. I received my new cake tin yesterday and intend to try it out over the week-end with a good old english fruit cake. We have renewed a few objects at home lately. There are items which you intend to get and pospone them and now we have caught up on almost everything. The next arrival should be our new water boiler with integrated water filter. We have such hard water in our area that you drink more lime than actual pure water.

And now to move on, I really want to get my hungarian gulasch cooking so that I can let is do its own thing and cook slowly until lunch time. We also have almost 100 apples to remove from our tree. Mr. Swiss volunteered with No. 1 son so I will let them get on with it, although I think Mr. Swiss will be doing the logistic of finding where the apples are on the tree and son will be employed to remove them.

Have a good beginning to the weekend and try to avoid stress, although sometimes these things get in the way for no reason. I will now close down my two computers. In the meanwhile the Apple is again ready to go with its new programme.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … so much going on!!! I also constantly battle against technology. It is nice when everything is working but when things go wrong, it is usually just one thing after another. The photo of the clouds coming down the mountain side is really cool. Have a great day!!! … SLP ..

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    • The computer guys are always doing something new, they are up-date crazy. The clouds are still tumbling down the mountains, all in the name of rain. A couple of places in the mountains have alreaday got their first snow falls.


  2. Good afternoon, so many are stating about the rain and the weather forecast there is a minor of rain chance today. The trees are showing criminal damages from the smoke. Some areas all the leave have turned to yellow. Have a relaxing and stress evening.

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    • It is still raining here, although this afternoon I had and hour rain free and went into town. Now it has started again and will probably continue until tomorrow. I don’t mind when I don’t have to go anywhere. Our leaves have began to change their colours, but that is Autumn and no smoke.

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