RDP Friday: Eerie

Has Tabby returned, my cat of 18 years that is now living her 10th life? Not really, but this one seems to be steered towards our home. He or she belong to a neighbour. It is also a Tabby, but a special Tabby with is body markings.

I made a mistake. I bought some cat treats, as I have another cat that visits now and again and you cannot send them away with nothing. However, this cat has now discovered that there is food available at my place. This morning she was already here and climbed into my garden cupboard. Then she was sniffing around on the ground where I generally put out a few cat treats.

Eventually I had to send her away as she would not take no for an answer. I am sure she will return for more. She now knows that there is a food supply at my place.

RDP Friday: Eerie

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