FOWC with Fandango: Elucidate

Elucidations in Switzerland come in three languages, French, German and Italian. English is not one of our national languages. That can complicate things especially if you want to cook something. It even gets more complicated if you put the goods in a tin and throw away the packaging as I did when wanting to cook bramata, a coarse type of polenta.

My solution: go to the store, find a packet of what you want to cook and make a photo of the packaging. The idea is fine, but make sure the photo is complete. Mine was not.

FOWC with Fandango: Elucidate

RDP Friday: Eerie

Has Tabby returned, my cat of 18 years that is now living her 10th life? Not really, but this one seems to be steered towards our home. He or she belong to a neighbour. It is also a Tabby, but a special Tabby with is body markings.

I made a mistake. I bought some cat treats, as I have another cat that visits now and again and you cannot send them away with nothing. However, this cat has now discovered that there is food available at my place. This morning she was already here and climbed into my garden cupboard. Then she was sniffing around on the ground where I generally put out a few cat treats.

Eventually I had to send her away as she would not take no for an answer. I am sure she will return for more. She now knows that there is a food supply at my place.

RDP Friday: Eerie

Good Morning

It has only rained once since yesterday late afternoon, trouble being it has not yet stopped. Who knows what the day will hold for us. Will it be a rainy one, or might it just ease up for me to go shopping with my scooter today. Otherwise it will be a local train journey for a few minutes and in the next supermarket store for a few bits and pieces. I am almost covered for the week-end already and tomorrow morning I am getting a delivery from the new local store system with a few large items. Old age really has to be combined with logistics today, but I enjoy it. Keeps the brain active.

Due to the rainy days I did not get out anywhere yesterday with my camera so you will have to make do with garden views, even if they are in the rain from this morning. Although it is now really into the Autumn days, I still have some autumn colour with the late flowers in the garden.

Today I have to battle with this monster for a veg to accompany today’s lunch. I know it as a butternut squash, but various countries have various names it seems. I will have to peel it first of all, almost needing a sharp razorblade as the outside skin in very tough. the next problem will be cutting it in half, for which I should probably use a chain saw. Eventually I get to the fruity flesh which should be no problem to cut in slices, perhaps with a machete. Yes, it is a tough veg and fights all the way until being cooked. I want to try the slices in my newly acquired air fryer. All beginnings have their problems.

At the moment the British TV bring a few old films now and again. Probably because they have nothing new to show. I had the pleasure of a rewatching of Casablanca last week, although I can watch that one always, such a wonderful film, Bogart at his best. Yesterday I cued in half way through Dr.Zhivago. I saw it many years ago and forgot most of it. It is not a bad film, but perhaps Russian life is pictured as being too well organised in the revolution. Of course here were a few brutal scenes when the Russian army mowed down the working class during one of their demonstrations. It was in the days when Omar Sharif stole the hearts of most ladies, although he was not really my type.

And now the time is slowly coming when I must move my orchid collection into the apartment. The weather is getting cooler and I want to save what I can. I have never ever had such a wonderful show of flowers and they are all older orchids that I got in full bloom last year, and have reflowered. I have a place for them all inside, but I hope they will continue to keep their flowers for some time. I have another two that have just grown new flower stalks and I want to see them flower again as well.

Enjoy the day everyone, and if it is raining in your part of the world, it can only get better. Our rain has now stopped and I am sure just a little the sky is brightening. See you around on the flip side.