Good Morning

I was expecting a dull grey sky this morning after the cloudburst I heard during the night where it rained so much I expected to see an old man building an ark in my back garden. However, apart from the grey lid, I noticed a low cloud in front of the local backdrop of mountains. At least something interesting. Actually I do not mind the rain in the night, it is the afternoon rain that bothers me. Yesterday afternoon was perfect, no rain and now and again some sun, although it is now time to wear something a little warmer when cruising around in a scooter.

I just got a signal on my apple computer and iPhone (which sort of go hand in hand as they belong to the same family) that today the dishwasher is due, as it is every day. It also told me another item, which is my every second day injection for my MS. As a golden oldie I am so glad for these reminding machines, as I am sure I would forget everything. Life seems to be steered by peeps and buzzes and sometimes a nice little tune, although the Big Ben chimes on my telephone warning system is not everyone’s thing, but at least I hear it

There was nothing special in town yesterday, and very few people. I sometimes have the feeling we are developing into ghost town. When the sage brush starts blowing through the streets it will be a clear case, although at the moment we only see piles of leaves falling from the trees.

Autumn is now upon us and the weather is changing. This restaurant in town had already decorated the window with its pumpkins and autumnal decorations. I even bought a butternut squash in the store yesterday. It is now the season, but I had to search until I found the squash selection. I saw a recipe in Internet for making squash fritters in my new air fryer. The main work is peeling and cutting it into pieces, as those squash can be quite tough to cut. Otherwise just pop it in the fryer, coat it with oil and aome herbs and spices and give it 20 minutes and you have your result. Also advised was some garlic, but that is not problem I put a crushed garlic clove in almost everything. It keeps the vampires away. At least that is the way the internet video showed it, and I am always ready for something new.

The town concert hall was looking quite good yesterday as I wheeled past, amongst the surrounding trees.

Yesterday I tried our new online possibility for ordering from the central hub of our local stores. It is a pilot project and I am one of the lucky invited to try it. In the advertising they were saying same day delivery if you order in the morning by 10.00 am.I placed my first order with this system yesterday evening, as it was just a trial for me and had nothing I was waiting for immediately. I got a delivery slot for Saturday morning earliest from 10-11 am. A little disappointing after all their information. I wrote to them this morning (in my best German which they even understood) and got an answer that as it is a pilot project, our Kanton of Solothurn is not yet fully developed. It seems Bern are first of all being preferred, and the other Kantons of Aarau and Solothurn where I am, are still being developed. It is all quite new and October will be better.

I was thinking in the lines of my winter shopping where it would be a great help. Ordering meat to receive it three days later would not be very good However, I wrote to them this morning at 6.00 am, from my iPad in bed and already got an answer at 7.00 am and a personal one: not a preset answer from a machine, so they are doing their best.

Today I do not have to go anywhere or do anything in particular, so I will see how it develops. My wheelchair is fully charged on the battery, and I will be recharging the scooter this evening, although I do not have a lot to shop for tomorrow.

Got an interesting view of clouds over our local town yesterday. And now to leave my computer for a rest until this afternoon. Have a good day everyone, wherever you are, and sleep well if you are in that part of the world that is sleeping.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’m intruiged by your new and free delivery system. You seem to live in a very privileged region¨
    Love that last photo. And just to answer to my curiosity (since like forever): The photos you always upload ARE from Solothurn not your village, or not?
    Have a good day and tell us how the fritters turned out. I have checked out those air fryers and apart from the high costs and my total loss of storing space, it looks like something healthy and good to have.
    Btw, do you know that the Hokkaido (red/orange kuri squash) pumpkin can be eaten with the skin – I didn’t, until this year… I always have some lying around, first for decoration, because they are so pretty, later for eating. love them.

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    • It is organised for the Aare section of the Migros. It only began a month ago and they are still organising it. I am one of the prvilidged few to get the invite.
      The photos from Solothurn are mainly houses and buildings and the photos from the area around our village are mostly fields, animals and the river, with the castle included.
      I will be doing the fritters tomorrow. The air freyer cost 97 Swiss francs through Betti Bossi. If I were not a member, it would have been more been about 120 Swiss francs. I had to rearrange my kitchen a little, but found the perfect space for it.
      I am not such a marrow specialist, but recognise a few of them.

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      • I gathered it was Migros. Was also a BB member for a few years, but I mostly got fed up with their high prices for their stuff, and frankly, although their cookery books are faultless and easy to follow, I love those with fantastic photos to inspire me not for following dutyfully step by step. I have however a sis-in-law who can only use BB cookery books, she swears by them. She also bought a lot of their merchandise! So everybody is happy….

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  2. WOW, you did lead me up the garden path right into the kitchen….. I had to look up squash vs pumpkin, then I headed over to compare the vitamins and other details, and as I tend to go, I went from the Hundertsten zum Tausendsten…. (was lead astray) – now i know that squash generally has a sweeter taste and is less stringy (filaments) than pumpkin…. You can thank me later 🙂 🙂 by telling about those fritters. 😉

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  3. Good morning … looks like it is going to be a nice day where you live. I am curious about the photos you show of the town, which I think is Solothurn … so the buildings .. on the ground floor there are shops … and then the upper floors … are they apartments? Condominiums? or are many of them still inhabitated by the families of older times who presumably own the buildings? I am just curious. Have a great day … SLP …

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    • t was a rainy afternoon and quite cool. I is Solothurn and the stores are on the ground floor. The upper floors are usually apartments, sometimes used for storage. The rents of the renovated apartments in town can be quite expensive.


  4. Good afternoon, Kathy has used the air fryer for several kind of food. All has been great tasting. We have not to cook any french fries yet. but it lovely toast sandwiches. The smoke from the fires is still here. Have stress free evening and enoy your book or TV.

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