FOWC with Fandango: Vehement

I just had a vehement discussion with Mr. Swiss about our Water cooker. First of all the lid broke and then the scale showing whether our filter for the lime stopped working. The little black lines disappeared showing how the filter was working. For the past ten years, yes ten years, we did not know whether our body circulation was calcified or not. My limbs often feel stiff and heavy, those of Mr. Swiss also, but that is probably due to becoming a golden oldie.

The decision was made to buy a new one and I was ready to order online. That was a mistake, Mr. Swiss decided he would order online. Of course he can do it, but I have it in the blood and he is learning. First we had to find a suitable replacement online. I have my own favourite supplier, but they were out of stock of the one we wanted. Mr. Swiss said to make sure that it had a capacity of 1-1/2 liter and not just one liter. I made the mistake of telling him that we never need more than one liter of water for a tea or coffee, usually a cup full is enough. He began and after half an hour was still doing it. Practice makes perfect so I said he should forget it and I would do it. After further discussion I gave up and eventually we had to be sure that we did not both order the article in question.

The deed is done and now he expects delivery tomorrow. I told him not possible, even when they promise. The goods will definitely be sent today but our post system will not deliver tomorrow, but the day after: another cause for a strong discussion. His faith in the Swiss postal system was too strong.

In the meanwhile we will continue to collect a layer of lime on our bones and teeth.

FOWC with Fandango: Vehement

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