Good Morning

It began yesterday evening with thunder, loud thunder and then the rains came down. As it was late evening it did not bother me so much. This morning there is still rain in the air, but according to the weather forecast, it should stop by lunch time. All going well, it would mean that afternoon shopping would be no problem. A couple of weeks ago I got a mail from my supermarket chain saying that they now do daily deliveries. Registered members (I am one) get free delivery. The goods I generally buy are all registered on the web site under my name and password and if I give up the order until 10.00 am I get the goods on the same day. What could be better? I am thinking it over. There will be no delivery charges. If it works it would be super, especially when the Winter days arrive. For standard items that I need I usually submit a monthly order which is delivered the next day, also with no delivery charges. For someone like myself that is not so mobile and depends on an electric scooter to go anywhere, I find it really good.

Yesterday I was in semi isolation, and did not have to go to the store. I decided o a short trip aound the village, just to get out and see something else. The weather was good, nice and sunny, and Winter being around the corner, I decided to make the most of what is still clear landscapes. Our village is on a small height, so when I go for a tour, I have a good view towards South, which would be the Kanton of Bern. At the moment we can only see the hills, but when the weather clears a little we might be able to see the Alps in the distance.

One of the houses in the village as a few rabbits in the garden.

I also noticed there is some renovation work going on in the village. It is a block of apartments and is now being rebuilt. The people that lived there have been distributed in various other apartments. One of the inhabitants is living on my estate and she says she will be returning to the block in two years when the work is finished.

I have at last ordered a new steam iron online. The one I have is showing signs of old age, and the steam no longer steams so well. I must say ordering online is really the future and the companies that do it improve daily. I have my own favourite places to order. It is really a big help when you no longer can go on visits to other towns to the stores. I notice that our entrance to our block of apartments always has various parcels from certain companies for the neighbours, Life is changing and it is almost as if I am seeing history happen before my eyes. Slowly the stores are dying to be reorganised in a central hub where the orders arrive by computer, are processed and sent. The good side is that if you are no longer so mobile as you were, as in my case, it is ideal. On the other side we are isolating ourselves. No more human contact. Even the normal work day is changing since the corona attack, where many are now in their home office.

And now time to finish my home office and move on to the apartment and the shower of course. Time waits for no-one. Have fun, or enjoy what you are doing. Often we have no great alternative, so let us make the most of it. See you around some time later, at least we have our computers.

Here is a view of the main road from our village to the next town of Solothurn. The cathedral can always been seen. How often have I driven on this road to get to work in my pre golden oldie days.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That grocery arrangement sounds good. Here, the first step is always to book a slot, which will be several days (or weeks) into the future. Once that is done, you may then start adding things into your basket, up to about a day before the slot. Your way sounds far more flexible.

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    • Although they still use the word slot, it no longer has a negative meaning. Since things got organised after the first coronus attack, the store companies had to re-think their modus operandi and today there are no long waits. It got down to next day, and now they are delivering locally in an hour it seems. Our deliveries will be from Kanton Bern which is next to our Kanton. Actually when I drove along the road in a certain direction I was in Kanton Bern in five minutes. Anyhow I have no time during the day to place an order, so will do it this evening. Not a big order, I just want to see how it works. If it works well I may not have to go shopping so much.

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      • Ours was terrible during lockdown. We were often unable to get anything. At least now we can get a weekly delivery, although we must book it a couple of weeks in advance. But we don’t mind supplementing these with actual trips now – although the UK looks as though it will be worse than before, I am able to see local data which indicates very few cases around here (Salisbury).

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        • I miss my dad. He passed away in 2016, 100 yesrs old., but thank goodness he was spared the pandemic. During the beginning of the pandemic there was a 2 week wait for online orders, but now no longer. I think the main cause of the problems was painic buying.

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          • But having said that, I don’t know anybody who “panic bought”. We bought just a couple more of vital things, e.g. milk (which we froze). I suspect everybody did the same, and that was enough to bring fragile delivery chains to their knees. Plus, the supermarkets profiteered by this, I think.

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  2. Good morning .. great photos of the bunnies and the Cathedral. Have a great day and enjoy you rnew grocery ordering protocol. It sounds nice. We still do it the old way, schlepp to the stores on Saturday. Some habits are hard to break. Have a great day. … SLP …

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    • I am no longer as mobile as I was, although I manage ok with my scooter. Winter will be a different kettle of fish and I want to try this system to see how it works. My first order will be placed this evening. I like to go to town to the stores, but it would be nice when I do not have to go, but just by choice.


  3. The bunnies are so cute! That is why I have always liked food shopping….to look at new products and choose something other than what I have on my list, but to also speak with the people. And now that we are masked, interaction with people rarely occurs. You are right, online ordering is really a double-edged sword.

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    • I do not mind food shopping, but would like to take it easy and no longer have it accompanied by stress. If this works I can go into town with no stress and look around. The masks serve their purpose, but people say hello to me and I do not recognise them. We only have to wear our masks on transport or in the stores. On the street it is your own choice.


    • There are certain things I like to have ironed, mainly the duvet covers and a few clothing items. It is really time that the smoke eventually disappears. Hope you will have a good day.

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  4. I haven’t used an iron in a long time, but since you mentioned it, my Grandma would have been ironing the towels to kill the germs during a pandemic. She ironed her dish towels for that same reason

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  5. I’m always impressed at what a well organized, attractive village you live in. It’s almost a postcard. No, it IS a postcard. It’s a picture perfect place and everyone seems to nice, too. I’m envious.

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    • Like all perfect things, you can scratch a little on the surface and might find a few problems below, we only have about 900 population and have no shops whatsoever. They even closed the post office as it was not very profitable, so we have to go to the next village.


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