Good Morning

Cleaning Lady day today, so I am a little later, but everything under control more or less. Dinner is cooking, and all I have to do is to cook the accessory. I will be cooking bramata to go with it today, a coarsely ground maize which I quite like. I have been organising my kitchen cupboards and found the remains of a packet which was still quite fresh. It will make a change from rice (which Mr. Swiss does not really like so much), or spatzle, which is a pasta variety. The only bother is that when it begins to cook it takes half an hour and I should stir it regularly to stop it settling on the bottom of the pan. No problem really, I am in the kitchen so will not be far away.

Yesterday I was in town for a few errands. The garden in one of the town villas is growing nicely as I wheeled past in my scooter. It is the place where Casanova once spent the night so the story goes. I think the lady of the house was quite pleased.

Since I have begun to bake a cake now and again, I noticed that I was getting low on sugar. I now have a new timetable during the day. I usually went shopping mid afternoon, but the collectors have problems with bringing my shopping home later in the afternoon, as they are a bit short on mobile staff at the moment. I am now off shopping after lunch, meaning I have to omit my after lunch sleep. However, I am surviving and as soon as I am back home, an hour later, I compensate with an hours sleep. It is only three days a week, so no big problem.

As our town is not so big, a small country town, I am getting a bit short on new and enterprising photos, unless someone somewhere does something special. I managed to get this shot of one of our more interesting photo subjects belonging to the fountain in the middle of town.

Otherwise nothing special happening. They had a special offer on pork chops, so I now have three freezing away in my chest freezer. I got a couple of hamburgers for tomorrow lunch. They always sell them in packs of two, so I have to buy four of them to cover our little family of three. However, the fourth hamburger is now also frozen for me. It is a chilli hamburger, and I like them hot.

Otherwise I spent the reminder of the day at home and the evening with a book on my Kindle and the TV. I noticed that the Brits are having a big problem with the Covid problem, and cases are increasing rapidly. World wide there is an increase, even in our little Switzerland it is not getting better. Strange the way things develop. We were once troubled by threats of war, bombs, and various foreign powers that wanted to take over. Now we are troubled by an invader which is so small that you cannot even see it. Even Mr. Putin, Mr. Trump, and Kim Jong Un are having to take a back seat. Oh I forgot Mr. Kim does not have any Covid cases in his country, so he says.

And now I should really finish my lunch. The cleaning angel is finished and flying off to another customer this afternoon and I am not quite sure what I will be doing on my afternoon. No shopping to be done so perhaps a journey to discover what my village is doing.

Have a good day everyone, may it be a good one and let us hope that the sun is shining for you wherever you are. Lunch in now ready.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, it is smoky here today and cool. Your pictures are outstanding as usual. My favorite is the second one with a building in the background with foliage in front. Enjoy your trip for groceries.

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    • It is a very nice house, actually a villa and in town, which is an exception to have such a nice garden. It once belonged to a very influential industrial family Friends of our once lived there so I paid them a few visits and it certainly has an interesting inside. Today I just went for a ride around the village.

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  2. Bramata looks like polenta. It is popular among Americans of Italian descent, so of course, I grew up with it. Yet, no one knows if it is really Italian. So much of what we consider to be Italian in America is actually American. It is like that with much of the ‘foreign’ cuisine.

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