RDP Sunday: Exit

I saddled my wheelchair or perhaps might be my scooter
No-one in the way so I do not need a hooter
And now for a check that nothing is forgot
My telephone and some money, I do not need a lot
Examine the battery, is there enough power
Look up to the sky, I do not need a shower
Now the door is open and I am on my way
I have to turn the corner, what a wonderful display
Full power is on the motor, I do not have to leg it
Ready to leave the estate by the normal tunnel of exit

RDP Sunday: Exit

7 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Exit

    • I often feel like a gladiator when I am on my way, although I dress normally. The only lions I might meet on the way might be a passing cat whoc ignores me thank goodness. It is the exit I take when I leave my appartment

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    • Be glad when you don’t have to use one. I still look back on the days when I could move freely or go for a walk with my husband. You never know what the future holds. I am just a little worried when Winter arrives. I will then be dependent on the local railway

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