Good Morning

It is getting colder and I am sure our lovely Indian Summer has now returned to India: grey skies in the morning and everything looking quite dismal, although who knows. Perhaps it can only get better. Yesterday I was planning a short trip into town in the afternoon, nothing really special, but I really wanted some potato chips for a snack now and again. The cupboard was not bare and the fridge and freezer had enough to survive on. However, the rain crossed the bill and I decided to remain in isolation at home. No. 1 son was going into town and so my potato chips were rescued as he brought some home.

Not wanting to waste time I decided to bake something. I was planning on some chocolate chip cookies for some time.

And here they are.

They have an interesting internal life as the chocolate does not melt, but remains as pieces. Anyhow, they were a success although for me a little too sweet, Mr. Swiss found them ideal. He also appreciated me being at home during the afternoon instead of on my wheelchair/scooter escapades, although he was also away in the morning scootering along. He decided to go into town for a change. He returned safely, but is not so adventurous as I am and entered town by the back way. He decided that the cobbled streets with a scooter and many people on the Saturday morning market were not his thing.

It is more fruit and vegetables and other local produce. I have not been for a few years as Saturday mornings are a little complicated for me. I have a lunch to cook and other chores. It was the most important morning of the week for my Swiss mother-in-law. She grew up in the town, knew almost everyone, and I am sure she even planned here dress for the market. When she bought something new, it was usually to wear on the market.

The afternoon rain was really only a short episode, but spending an afternoon at home was also something completely different. I at last had some time to read further in my book in the evening. Television was really bringing nothing interesting for a Saturday evening and Mr. Swiss decided to have an early night. Golden Oldie life is really something completely different.

And now for a relaxing Sunday. It looks a little misty outside, so we might be having another short rain episode. Enjoy the day, keep safe-

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • The grass was not planted by me. It probobly arrived from a wandering seed in a neighbours garden, but it is growing well. And now to go somewhere on a pleasant afternoon.


    • If you mean the one with my family name “Gerber” it has nothing to do with us. Gerber is a very common Swiss name and originates from the Emmental. There is a village Lengnau and if you look in the telephone book you will find 99% of the names are Gerber. In this case it refers to a chemist shop run by a family Gerber. The shop is not longer there.

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  1. Good afternoon, The smoke just arrive again. It is a lot cooler today but still no rain. Mama Mia is still hiding from us. I have decided to quit acting like a spoil child and let her act on her on terms. I look into fragrance to calm her. It work well with Kato. Have fun ride today and stress free evening.

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    • Cats do what they want. I am sure she will eventually come out of hiding, food speaks all languages, and it is one of the main lauguages for the cat. It was a lovely aftrnoon, a gentle breeze and sunny, but not too hot. I visited the local castle grounds with its chickens and horses.

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