FOWC with Fandango: Inexorable

Some things are inexorable
Autumn is on its way
The leaves are tumbling from the trees
They were never here to stay
But beauty can be found in everything
Of that we can be sure
Laying in piles on the ground
Cascading down are more
Eventually will be an avalanche
Are decomposing in the earth
The circle of life continues
And trees will enter rebirth

FOWC with Fandangp: Inexorable

RDP Sunday: Exit

I saddled my wheelchair or perhaps might be my scooter
No-one in the way so I do not need a hooter
And now for a check that nothing is forgot
My telephone and some money, I do not need a lot
Examine the battery, is there enough power
Look up to the sky, I do not need a shower
Now the door is open and I am on my way
I have to turn the corner, what a wonderful display
Full power is on the motor, I do not have to leg it
Ready to leave the estate by the normal tunnel of exit

RDP Sunday: Exit

One Word Sunday: Early

Working a full time job in Switzerland for 30 years of my pre golden oldie life meant that you had an early start to the day. Working time was from around 7.30 in the morning so you were up early. Mr. Swiss was already on his way and I would take No. 1 son with me when I drove off, as he also had a workplace.

This photo is one I took after parking in the morning at my workplace. On the right the office building and on the extreme left the railway, although it being so dark (this must have been late Autumn) you cannot see them so well. At least our company shield was iilluminated and the local lamp. Yes, those were the days.

One Word Sunday: Early

Good Morning

It is getting colder and I am sure our lovely Indian Summer has now returned to India: grey skies in the morning and everything looking quite dismal, although who knows. Perhaps it can only get better. Yesterday I was planning a short trip into town in the afternoon, nothing really special, but I really wanted some potato chips for a snack now and again. The cupboard was not bare and the fridge and freezer had enough to survive on. However, the rain crossed the bill and I decided to remain in isolation at home. No. 1 son was going into town and so my potato chips were rescued as he brought some home.

Not wanting to waste time I decided to bake something. I was planning on some chocolate chip cookies for some time.

And here they are.

They have an interesting internal life as the chocolate does not melt, but remains as pieces. Anyhow, they were a success although for me a little too sweet, Mr. Swiss found them ideal. He also appreciated me being at home during the afternoon instead of on my wheelchair/scooter escapades, although he was also away in the morning scootering along. He decided to go into town for a change. He returned safely, but is not so adventurous as I am and entered town by the back way. He decided that the cobbled streets with a scooter and many people on the Saturday morning market were not his thing.

It is more fruit and vegetables and other local produce. I have not been for a few years as Saturday mornings are a little complicated for me. I have a lunch to cook and other chores. It was the most important morning of the week for my Swiss mother-in-law. She grew up in the town, knew almost everyone, and I am sure she even planned here dress for the market. When she bought something new, it was usually to wear on the market.

The afternoon rain was really only a short episode, but spending an afternoon at home was also something completely different. I at last had some time to read further in my book in the evening. Television was really bringing nothing interesting for a Saturday evening and Mr. Swiss decided to have an early night. Golden Oldie life is really something completely different.

And now for a relaxing Sunday. It looks a little misty outside, so we might be having another short rain episode. Enjoy the day, keep safe-